Garmin zumo 595LM, 395LM and 345LM, GPS for motorcycle and bicycle


Garmin is one of the largest GPS manufacturers on the market alongside TomTom . The company has announced the launch of three models designed for lovers of two wheels. The Garmin zumo 595LM, 395LM and 345LM offer special alerts for motorists and incorporate a high precision touch screen ( 4.3 inches for the 395LM and 345LM and 5 inches for the 595LM ). You can not miss the Bluetooth connection  and a series of special services such as Garmin Adventurous Route (to select more exciting alternative routes) , Trackback ,BaseCamp or Track Draw . We are going to review in depth the news that these three GPS include.

The three new Garmin GPS models designed for motorcyclists offer all the necessary information to move on the roads, but also to discover new places, drive safer and perform the most common multimedia functions, such as receiving calls or listening to music. The new Garmin zumo offer safety alerts such as  sharp curves , speed changes, level crossings, crossing animals and school zones, oncoming traffic and nearby radars, among others. They even incorporate a fatigue indicator that will suggest rest times and rest areas for longer rides.

All three models feature a high-resolution touch screen that allows you to see directions clearly even in direct sunlight. In addition, it can be handled with gloves due to its high sensitivity to touch. On the 395LM and 345LM the screen is 4.3 inches , while on the top model, the 595LM , the screen is 5 inches . In this last model you can change the orientation of the screen between horizontal and vertical.

Taking into account that the new Garmin GPS are oriented to use on motorcycles or bikes, resistance is a key point. The Garmin zumo 595LM, 395LM and 345LM GPS have a solid housing that is resistant to water, fuel and sunlight , which makes them perfect for driving in the rain or on somewhat arid terrain.


All three models incorporate Bluetooth technology , which makes it possible to talk on the phone safely, without the need to remove gloves or helmet. To do this, it is only necessary to connect the device to headphones or a helmet compatible with this technology and associate them with the mobile phone to be able to make and receive calls from anywhere. In addition, the highest-end model, the zumo 595LM , offers the possibility of connecting the GPS with our smartphone using the Smartphone Link application , thus being able to view incoming calls, text messages, application notifications and much more directly on the GPS.

As for the multimedia section, the new GPS Garmin  have an MP3 audio player and are compatible with iPhone and iPod from Apple . Therefore, it is possible to enjoy our music by connecting both devices via Bluetooth , being able to control the tracks through the GPS screen. The superior model, having a connection with the smartphone, also offers music playback from Spotify .

One of the functions that lets us clearly see that the Garmin zumo 595LM, 395LM and 345LM GPS are intended for motorcyclists is the Garmin Adventurous Route . This service will find us the most attractive route  to reach the destination, something that can be achieved thanks to the option "roads with curves" or with hills. We also have Trackback , a function that records the path taken to, if necessary, indicate to the user where to return to the starting point, even off road.


The new Garmin zumo 595LM, 395LM and 345LM GPS models are compatible with  BaseCamp , a free software with which motorists can create routes, waypoints and tracks from the computer ( Garmin Connect ) to later transfer them to their GPS. And with the Garmin Adventures feature , included in BaseCamp , the user can record and share their routes, rate their trips, read reviews, and download routes shared by other users. In relation to these benefits, both teams have Track Draw , which allows drawing a planned route in BaseCamp (using the “draw” tool)and see the elevation changes, which helps to get a very clear idea of ​​the difficulty of the route traced. Added to the above is the possibility of making roundtrip routes to plan routes based on time, distance or location. To do this, the user only has to write what he needs and the GPS will take care of finding the most suitable route.

In addition to these specific functions for motorcycles, GPS Garmin zumo 595LM, 395LM and 345LM offer the usual features of these devices, such as the indicator speed limit , indicator lane viewer crossings , warning radars and points of interest . The company offers a free map update service for the entire life of the product , something really important in this type of device. The zumo 595LM and 395LM models incorporate an extra car mount and all are compatible with the Garmin Virb action camera and with the tire pressure monitoring system that the company has.

The Garmin zumo 595LM is priced at 700 euros . The Garmin zumo 395LM is priced at 500 euros and the Garmin zumo 345LM can be found for 400 euros .