Denon CEOL N9

Denon CEOL N9

your expert RecommendThe Denon CEOL N9 is a new hi-fi stereo with network connection and a stylish finish. With this hi-fi system we can listen to our favorite songs from a  smartphone or tablet without having to connect any cables between them thanks to the fact that the CEOL N9 is equipped with WiFi , Bluetooth and AirPlay ports (for Apple devices ). We can also play music from a network hard drive or NAS , or from a computer that is connected to the home network. In addition to the network connection, the Denon CEOL N9It has an FM radio tuner , USB port and a compact disc player, the CD ”™ s of a lifetime, so that we can also play our music collection in the traditional format.

The CEOL N9's built-in amplifier delivers 60 watts of power per channel, enough for a medium-sized room, and includes two two-way wooden speakers equipped with a five-inch (twelve-centimeter) woofer or subwoofer and tweeter of two centimeters . The CEOL N9 can be chosen in colors white and black glossy , and is available at a price of selling approximately 600 euros . Keep reading to know all the details of this interesting  Hi-Fi equipment.

Denon CEOL N9


As we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the new Denon CEOL N9 is an elegant design team and we could say minimalist. It is a compact, medium-sized system in the style of mini-chains, and is made up of a single body that integrates the amplifier and the different players. The front offers a clean and balanced look, with a central display for track, station, playback source information, etc., and the CD ”™ s tray above it. In the corners of the front cover we will find only two buttons, the on / off button and the extraction button from the CD tray , plus the connections for the USB port.and the headphone output. The rest of the control buttons are located on a double-layer acrylic top panel that has just given the CEOL N9 its well-finished equipment appearance.

Continuing with its external appearance, the Denon CEOL N9 has dimensions of 280 millimeters wide, 102 high and 305 deep , and its weight is 3.2 kilos . As for the speakers, they are 153 millimeters wide, 233 high and 200 deep , weighing 2.4 kg . The new CEOL N9 is available in an elegant glossy black finish and also in a white tone that gives a more modern character to the equipment. The wooden speakers are also finished in these two colors to perfectly match the headunit.

Denon CEOL N9

Network music

The main feature of the new Denon CEOL N9 is its network connectivity. This connection can be made both via cable, through the Ethernet port on the rear panel, or wirelessly, which is what really interests us. For the wireless connection, the CEOL N9 has WiFi , Bluetooth and AirPlay ports , which means that we can play our music from a large number of wireless devices such as smartphones , tablets , computers or hard drives with a network connection, such as NAS(Network Attached Storage, or storage with network connection). To facilitate the connection or pairing with Bluetooth devices , the CEOL N9 is equipped with the NFC (Near Field Communication) system, so it will be enough to bring our player closer to the equipment to configure the connection. Of course, the player must also incorporate the NFC connection . For users of Apple devices such as the iPhone or iPad , the Denon CEOL N9 features the AirPlay wireless connection system. This proprietary system of the Apple brand transmits the music through an exclusive network to ensure that the audio quality is not lost during the transmission of the data.

Moving on to network features, Spotify users will be interested to know that the Denon CEOL N9 supports the Spotify Connect feature . This feature is available within the Premium package of the popular streaming music service, and allows us to listen to Spotify music through the stereo using our smartphone or tablet as a remote control.

And since we are talking about remote control, tell you that all the functions of the Denon CEOL N9 can be controlled from an Android device or iOs through the Denon Hi-Fi remote application . This app is available for free via the portal Play Store for Android or from the store iTunes of Apple. This application also allows us to manage our accounts in online music services and also our entire collection of digital files to create playlists, see the album covers or check the information of what we are listening to. In addition, the functions of timer and alarm clock that provides the app to Denon add a plus interesting functionality to the CEOL N9 .

Denon CEOL N9

CD, USB and radio tuner

Apart from the network connection, the  Denon CEOL N9 has a CD player compatible with CD-R / CD-RW discs so we can continue listening to our entire disc collection without problems. We can also use the integrated USB port to connect a pen drive or an external hard drive with music. This port is also compatible with the players iPod from Apple , and also with the iPhone and iPod Touch, so that the reproduction from these devices is carried out completely digitally, recharging the battery of these devices while we have them connected. To end playback methods say, traditional, the CEOL N9 incorporates a tuner AM / FM radio with on - screen text function RDS and 50 presets to store our favorite stations.

Features and connectivity

The new Denon CEOL N9 incorporates a lighter and more efficient Class D stereo amplifier that delivers 60 + 60 watts of power at four ohms . To ensure high sound quality, Denon has made sure that the signal path to the amplifier is as direct or "pure" as possible. This amplifier is expressly configured to feed the SC-N9 speakers that are supplied with the equipment. As we mentioned before, the speakers are built of wood and offer a configuration of two - way with a woofer five inches (12 centimeters) to reproduce bass frequencies, and2 centimeter diameter balanced dome tweeter .

If we take a look at the rear connection panel of the CEOL N9 we will find the usual terminal connections for the speakers, an analog audio input with RCA connections , two digital audio input ports with fiber optic connection , the Ethernet port for the connection network via cable, a mono line output with RCA connection to connect an optional subwoofer and the BNC connection for an external antenna .

Price and availability

The new Denon CEOL N9 is an elegant mid-size hi-fi system interesting for those who manage their music from their smartphone or tablet , thanks to its full network connectivity. It is already available through the main distributors of the brand, and its indicative sale price is 600 euros .

Data sheet

Brand and modelDenon CEOL N9
CategoryHi-Fi equipment with network connectivity
Amplifier typeClass D
Power60 + 60 W (4 ohms, 1 kHz, 0.7% THD)
SpeakersDenon SC-N9. 2-way, bass-reflex, 12 cm woofer, 2 cm tweeter
Frequency response50 Hz ”“ 20 kHz
CD playerCD-R / CD-RW compatible,
USB port- for external hard drives / pen drives

- iPod / iPhone Direct (iPod Classic, iPod nano 3G / 4G / 5G / 6G / 7G, iPod touch 2G / 3G / 4G / 5G, iPhone 3G / 3GS / 4 / 4S / 5 / 5S / 5C

Supported formatsMP3, WMA, AAC, FLAC 192/24, WAV 192/24, AIFF 192/24, ALAC
Network connectionsLAN, W-LAN, Bluetooth, AirPlay
Radio tuner FM / AM, RDS, 50 presets
Connectors- 2 x digital audio input with fiber optic

- 1 x analog audio input

- 1 x subwoofer output

- 1 x Ethernet port

- 1 x USB port (front panel)

- 1 x headphone output (front panel)

- 1 x antenna

Dimensions and weight- 280 x 102 x 305 (W x H x D in millimeters)

- 3.2 kg

Speaker dimensions and weight- 153 x 233 x 200 (W x H x D in millimeters)

- 2.4 kg

(Data for each speaker)

Available coloursHigh gloss white / high gloss black
Target price600 euros
+ infoDenon

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