Shark Dash, sharks against ducks in this free game for iPhone

shark dash

Of the number of games that have emerged after the meteoric success of Angry Birds, we can highlight only a few that are really worth it and can overshadow the Rovio title , one of them is undoubtedly Shark Dash , a simple skill game that Trade birds and pigs for sharks and rubber ducks. Its operation is very simple, we must launch some angry sharks against some malevolent yellow rubber ducks that have kidnapped Sharkee's girlfriend , one of the sharks. Although Shark Dash is also available for the Android operating systemIt is iPhone , iPad and iPod Touch users who can now download it completely free from the App Store.

With cartoon-style graphics , Shark Dash is a very fun game that will put our skill and patience to the test as the levels progress. Like Angry Birds and many others, a single finger will be enough to handle shark shots. If with the Rovio we use a slingshot, here we will have to pull the shark's tail back to give more or less force to the throws destined to kill the ducks. If you want to download this game for free for your terminal, keep reading as then we leave you with the direct link to the Apple applications bazaar where you can get hold of it.

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The Shark Dash storyline tells us that a gang of toy shark friends lived happily in their bathtub roaming around, when suddenly they are invaded by a large number of yellow rubber ducks . The bathtub becomes utter chaos but it is not until the ducklings dare to take Sharkee's girlfriend, Sally, that they explode in anger. Now all the shark's desire will be to  kill these annoying ducks to enjoy their peaceful life in the bathtub again.

At the beginning of each level we will see a number of ducks scattered around the screen, which we must try to eat as quickly as possible and using the least number of attempts. To do this, simply pull the shark's tail down using the touch screen. We can shoot the strongest or softest shark depending on the distance and the need of each moment. Along the way, between duck and duck we will have to try to get the coins that are scattered around the bathtub to earn more points. The coins will make us get stars that will help us to exchange for new levels.

shark dash 02

The game offers four different locations with bathtubs located in Rome or Japan , plus a team of four sharks with different abilities . Sawy, for example, can cut chains with his saw nose and make objects fall on ducks. Hammy can jump up and create amazing parables to hit the ducks. Scuby, for his part, is an expert at diving to find ducks wherever they hide. If you want to try this Shark Dash for iPhone you can download it at the link that we leave below.

Free download Shark Dash for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch