BBVA customer service, telephone number, contact and email

BBVA customer service, telephone number, contact and email

If you are a customer of BBVA bank, on some occasion you will have to contact their customer service. And that is why it is better to have, in a single place, all the ways to do it so as not to have to waste time looking for it on the Internet. We are going to give you a hand by offering you a special in which we will list all the possible ways to get in touch with them. Most importantly, don't lose your temper when talking to customer service. We started!

BBVA customer service: phone number

BBVA's 'Telephone Banking' section allows users to carry out all their operations and inquiries by making a phone call to the telephone number 91 224 94 26 . The rate for this number is the conventional one for a call between landline and landline, and you will surely have it included in your mobile and landline rate. As soon as you establish communication, you should have the following information at hand:

  • Your full DNI number
  • Communicate what operation you want to perform on your call
  • You must remember the password for your BBVA account. The voiceover will ask you for two random positions that you must communicate so that the system will give you access to speak with an agent . On some occasions, you will also have to give a code that BBVA has sent you to the phone number that you have validated to carry out operations with BBVA's telephone bank.

BBVA suffers a fall and does not allow trading from its website or its applications

If you are not a private individual but a small business, the telephone number you should call is   91 298 35  96 . If you are a medium or large company or you are an Official Institution, you should contact BBVA on the telephone number 91 224 98 02 .

Of course, you can also contact BBVA through its mobile application on both the Android and iOS systems for iPhone.

BBVA bank also has other channels to communicate with its customer service. If you want to send an email to the attention of your bank, we advise you to fill out this official form before sending an email to an email address yourself.

For some type of specific question, such as the cancellation of cards, change of keys because you think they have been exposed to the eyes of others or because you need cash but do not carry your cards with you, you can enter this link and follow the steps that they recommend .

Beware of bogus BBVA cash withdrawal email

And finally, indicate that you can also contact BBVA:

  • Through his Twitter account @BBVAresponde
  • On your official Facebook account
  • And if you want to be attended to in person, here is a practical BBVA branch search engine

To search easily the BBVA office that fits you closer, you must do the following.

Activate geolocation on your personal computer and the page will automatically reveal the nearest office . You can also search office by name and by type.

What if you are not a BBVA customer?

If you are not a BBVA customer, the bank tells you that it is better to go to an office in your city if you need information, especially if it involves the delivery of personal data, for security reasons. In the previous paragraph we have left you a practical office search engine so that you can go to the one that is closest to you from home.


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