Onkyo CP-1050, new turntable

onkyo cp-1050

The Onkyo CP-1050 is a new value-priced turntable that provides features typical of units intended for an audiophile audience . The Japanese manufacturer has applied all its experience in this field to this product; not in vain, he launched his first turntable back in 1946 : the Onkyo CP-1000 . The engineers of the house have opted for a retro design for the newly presented model. His main source of inspiration has been the record players of the 70s of the last century. That is why it is not surprising that they decided to finish it in black with a woodgrain texture. The dark tone contrasts with the shiny aluminum of the arm , shaped like that. They have also put a polished metal trim on the front of the top of the unit. When not in use it can be isolated from dust with the transparent plastic cover, which can be easily removed.

It is a direct drive turntable whose platter has a diameter of 12 inches and is made of an aluminum alloy. The chosen motor has no brushes and the brake is electronic. You can play vinyl records at 33 and 45 rpm (revolutions per minute). Just press the button at the top to change the speed. Distortion is minimal (0.15% for 33 rpm records), and the signal-to-noise ratio is 60 decibels . The rotor is of high precision thanks to a quartz control. Direct drive is quite stable to minimize low-frequency noise. A rubber mat is placed on the plate to protect the disc and absorb vibrations.

onkyo cp-1050

The design and construction of the Onkyo CP-1050 is engineered to keep vibrations at bay. The enclosure is made from a solid piece of MDF (Medium Density Fiberboard ). The set will be supported on four height-adjustable anti-vibration legs . It comes equipped with everything you need to start enjoying your vinyl record collection. The user only has to connect the turntable to a stereo amplifier, a multichannel receiver or a phono preamplifier and insert the supplied cartridge .

El cartucho que viene de serie es de tipo MM (Moving-Magent) con un peso de 5 gramos. De todos modos, el brazo tiene la ventaja de que tiene una cápsula desmontable que es compatible con diversas marcas de cartuchos. Además el sistema de contrapeso del brazo admite cartuchos de entre 5 y 10 gramos de peso (incluyendo la cápsula). El usuario puede ajustar la presión de la aguja desde 0 a 4 gramos. El brazo tiene una longitud efectiva de 23 centí­metros.

The audio output connectors are gold-plated . Inside the package comes an RCA audio cable and a 17 cm adapter for 45 rpm records. It measures 450 by 158 and by 367.5 millimeters, and weighs 11.2 kilograms. It consumes 0.4 watts in standby. The retail price of the Onkyo CP-1050 is 550 euros.