Everything you need to know about the new matchlock pistol coming to Fortnite

Everything you need to know about the new matchlock pistol coming to Fortnite

The new Fortnite update is now available for all platforms. It is about patch 8.11, which includes a new weapon and different improvements in the video game . One of the most interesting novelties is the new mecha pistol that is added to the Battle Royale island. Here we tell you what news this weapon brings and how we can get hold of it during games.

The matchlock pistol is a weapon of common quality (gray) and rare (green), it uses heavy ammunition and allows us to do a damage of 86 and 90 points respectively at close range . This pistol also has a very interesting function; can lightly push the shooter. In this way, we can jump from a building, shoot and return to the building thanks to the thrust offered by the weapon. You can also avoid that knock effect by shooting from crouch. Remember that the shorter the distance the more the weapon pushes and the more damage it deals. There is only one shot per reload, with a reload of about 3 seconds. It can be found in chests and floor loot.

The Impulse Grenade returns to the map after being removed. It returns with some changes, such as an increase in driving force against vehicles over 300 percent. The force against vehicles in explosive weapons has also been increased. Latest Weapon Change: Scoped Assault Rifle increases its damage from 24 and 23 (rare and uncommon variant) to 27 and 26 respectively

Knock, knock… Who is it? The Matchlock Gun has arrived with the v8.11 update!

Patch Notes: //t.co/Xh5r6uHxkX pic.twitter.com/XJq3MKcE8s

- Fortnite (@Fortnite_ES) March 20, 2019

Fortnite has also made half of the Bolonchos disappear, the vehicle that arrived with the last update. Now 50 percent will appear spread across the map. Before 100 percent.

Limited time mode

During this week a limited time mode called 'Single Shot' has been added. In this game mode we will only find shooter weapons and gravity is low. Additionally, all players have 50 health, causing them to be eliminated with just one shot. In this mode the storm moves faster. In addition, we can only find marksman rifles, hunting rifles, trampolines, grenades and balloons in the chests. The last player standing wins the game.

Improvements and bug fixes


Of course, the new update includes different improvements and bug fixes. Fixed a sound bug with the hook of the Boloncho, the new Fortnite vehicle. Also fixed a bug that did not allow to change the style of the Nívea costume. In the game visuals, the lighting in the shadows is increased and a greater color contrast is added.

Finally, different aspects are improved in Fortnite for mobile, such as an error in the Samsung Galaxy S10 , which did not allow playing Fortnite with the full screen. Also fixes a bug with in-game polls and improves stability on mobile devices.

The update is now available for all platforms. It does not require maintenance, although Fortnite has explained that we may experience some other failure with the chat section. A download of the game is necessary, with a slightly heavy size. Fortnite is likely to release the odd patch to correct bugs in this new update. In any case, these will be a little heavy.

Via: Epic Games.