Mouse Maze, the free Tom and Jerry game for Android

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze

Tom and Jerry are possibly the most famous mouse and cat in cartoon history . Since 1940 and until more recent editions carried out in the 90s, these characters taken from the imagination of William Hanna and Joseph Barbera, have given hours of fun to different generations  with their varied short films . As it could not be otherwise and with the number of simple games that are available in the Google Play bazaar of the Android operating system , a title dedicated to the inexhaustible Tom and Jerry could not be missing .

Tom and Jerry: The Labyrinth, is a fun skill game that will test our reflexes and nerves. Our goal will be to control little Jerry in his continuous escape from Tom the cat . It goes without saying what will happen if Tom catches us, so we better stay away from his claws. Tom and Jerry: The Labyrinth, is a totally free game that, like the mythical original drawings, will keep us entertained for a while, although this time it is from the screen of our smartphone or tablet . Then we leave you with the direct link to download Tom and Jerry for free(The Labyrinth) from Google Play.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze 02

In the hundreds of chapters that make up the animated story of Tom and Jerry we have seen everything. Although Tom is generally the one who tries to catch Jerry following his natural feline instinct, in many other chapters it is the mouse Tom , who starts the brawl just for the fun of it. At other times both characters collaborate to defeat a common enemy, or both are punished equally. The underlying idea always cleverly reflected values ​​such as friendship, loyalty or cooperation.

In Tom and Jerry: The Labyrinth , we will not get to experience as much variety, since the only mechanic is to flee from Tom at all costs. The game is raised with an aerial view in which we see the entire level in full. The action can take place in several rooms of the house and always has the convoluted labyrinth-like paths as a common denominator. Losing ourselves will not be possible, since we always visualize the possible exits, but sometimes it will be difficult to find the shortest path.

Tom and Jerry Mouse Maze 03

Tom's objective is to collect all the pieces of cheese that he finds along the way, while avoiding different and dangerous traps such as mousetraps, chimneys or cupboards that fall in his path. To achieve this, on our touch screen we have several directional controls and a button to jump and avoid traps. At times, Tom will have the help of a black cat, which some will recognize from some episodes of the series. The game ends the moment Jerry comes into contact with an enemy like Jerry or activates one of the many traps . To help, sometimes we can get certain elements of advantage as super powers, like the speed pickup.

We just leave you with the direct link to Google Play where you can download Tom and Jerry: The Labyrinth for free . The game occupies only 17 megabytes.

Tom and Jerry: The Labyrinth Free Download