Vodafone launches 5 4K channels for its TV customers

Vodafone launches 5 4K channels for its TV customers

Vodafone has just announced that it is going to renew its Vodafone TV platform, including for the first time in our country, an offer of 4K channels . In total, more than 120 TV channels, plus HBO GO and Netflix content, and also a video store service, all in a new interface that offers a personalized recommendation system.

4K on TV

TVs that support 4K (2,160 x 4,000 pixels in a 16: 9 format) are becoming more common and affordable, reaching more and more people. But those televisions only work at full capacity when content is broadcast in 4K , and that is where Vodafone has entered the scene.

In August 2016 Vodafone already started offering sports content in this resolution, with one game per day, but now it is being extended to up to five different channels. Those channels are Odyssey 4K, Festival 4K, Funbox UHD, Insight TV, and Slow Channel.

The first, Odyssey 4K, is a documentary channel. Festival 4K is the first music channel to offer content entirely in 4K resolution and with Dolby Digital audio . Funbox UHD has a more general theme, combining travel, nature, sports and music programs, all at the highest resolution. Insight TV is a channel that takes advantage of 4K to offer extreme sports and adventure content. Finally, Slow Channel is dedicated to offering environmental and decorative content, such as natural landscapes, all always in 4K.

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The offer of new channels will initially be available only to customers of the convergent Vodafone One rates with fiber, starting in March , and will gradually be opened to other customers. The operator's plan is to expand up to 10 the number of channels that support 4K between now and summer.

A new 4K-compatible Vodafone TV decoder is currently offered to new customers for free, but  current customers will have to pay 30 euros to get it . The prices of the TV packages, of course, will remain the same as until now.