10 YouTube VR Videos That Are Worth It

10 YouTube VR Videos That Are Worth It

Virtual reality has crept into our lives, and in what way, so as not to abandon us. All you have to do is have a pair of virtual reality glasses and enjoy the experience. We currently have many options at our fingertips, among which we can find the Oculus Rift, Oculus Go or Gear VR .

Then there are different platforms from which we can get into virtual reality experiences, as well as participate in video games, which undoubtedly offers the most gamers the possibility of entering the video game from a privileged point of view. 

Today we woke up to the news that the Anne Frank Museum has presented a virtual reality experience, with which users can enter the house that served as a refuge for two years for the Frank family. Here are some other VR videos on YouTube that are worth your time.

1. The Anne Frank house

Today we woke up with the news that it is now possible to visit the Anne Frank house in virtual reality. It will not be necessary, as before, to go to Prinsengracht 263 in the city of Amsterdam . It will be enough to have virtual reality glasses to move around each corner of the house in which the members of Anne Frank's family remained hidden and whose only survivor was the father, Otto Frank.

The Anne Frank Museum team reached an agreement with game developer Force Field VR to recreate the spaces the family lived in from July 6, 1942 until they were captured by the Nazis on August 4, 1944. To live the full experience you can access the official Oculus website.

2. Among lions

You don't need to wear virtual reality glasses to be impressed by Mother Nature. But in this case, we will do it anyway, because the experience promises. We are facing a 360-degree video, which luckily can also work in virtual reality . All you have to do is make sure your mobile has a gyroscope and put on your VR glasses. In this way you will achieve the desired effect.

You must bear in mind, of course, that if your virtual reality system does not include headphones, it will be necessary to connect headphones to the 3.5 mm connector of the mobile. The experience will improve greatly. These National Geographic lions will practically eat out of your hand. 

3. A fight between sea monsters

In the depth of the sea we can come to meet real sea monsters. In this 360 degree video + Virtual Reality you will be able to enjoy a journey through the interior of the sea that will not leave you indifferent. You will pretend to be driving a ship and you will fight against a huge octopus ready to make your life impossible.

4. A roller coaster: strong emotions

If you prefer stronger emotions, you may have to ride this roller coaster. The experience, powered by moovr, consists of riding a roller coaster at Seoul Grand Park . You've probably tried tougher rides on other occasions, but this one brings them too. So if you're home bored and need a good dose of adrenaline, put your glasses on and hop in here.

5. Exploring among dinosaurs

Who has not dreamed of exploring among dinosaurs? Since we first saw Jurassic Park , nothing has ever been the same. Dinosaurs are creatures that fascinate almost all of us, so there are virtual reality videos with which you can fully immerse yourself in an impressive place full of dinosaurs. Can you resist the thrill?

6. A house of terror

Fear fascinates us. And the haunted houses even more. Can you imagine being able to tour a haunted house , hear noises, climb stairs, open doors and find yourself squarely with some ghostly vision? The truth is that being able to do it from your own home is quite reassuring, because with the glasses on the experience promises to be a heart attack. Even Iker Jiménez and Carmen Porter would like to accompany you.

7. Vertigo between mountains

Climbing to the top of a mountain can become one of the best experiences of your life. The road is usually hard, but the reward - in views and in fresh air - is priceless. While there is nothing that can replace a real experience of these characteristics, doing it in virtual reality can get you pretty close to what it would feel like to be there for real.

But beware, with this virtual reality experience you will not only experience this climb to the top of a mountain. You will also experience in the first person the vertigo of walking along the edge of the cliffs and doing it, also, on a very windy day. If you love feeling vertigo, but with the security of touching solid ground, put on your glasses and start enjoying.

8. Refreshing slides

Let's now go for a much more summery experience. It is an extreme route through a good number of slides, with a common element: water. In this virtual reality experience you will be able to visit different imaginary cities with the strength of your body and gliding through the water . Although in some cases the emotions are strong, in the end you will relax like never before thanks to the sound of the water and the magnificent vision of the luminous jellyfish.

9. Another scary house

In case you had not had enough with the previous one, here we want to invite you to take a walk through another house of terror. We assure you that this is not the one you will visit at the fair in your city, in which a bad clown hits you with the broom. No way. This house of terror includes all the ingredients that would make Fourth Millennium a perfect program : laughter of girls lost in the immensity of another phase, mocking clowns who laugh with derision, steep stairs, noises of chains and even the Exorcist girl herself ( or a very Regan-like one) scaring you to death. We, in case the flies, are not going to see it anymore.

10. Guided meditation

And we end this collection of experiences with a guided meditation session. If you need to relax and find yourself, perhaps the best thing you can do, instead of so much roller coaster and horror house, is to lie down and let yourself go through this meditation session. Pleasant music will help you explore countless natural paradises, between the sound of the waves and that of the sea breeze, surrounded by vegetation and with the pleasant instructions of a voice that will guide you towards total tranquility.