LuzuLandia, here is the real game of youtuber Luzu


Nothing like creating your own amusement park to relive childhood , enjoy some entertainment or satisfy those dreams that we have all had in which we created the most extreme roller coaster in the world . Something that the RollerCoaster Tycoon saga has been offering since 1999 , and that has evolved to approach the concept of social and connected gaming. Something that Luzu , the well-known youtuber has already verified first-hand when creating his own amusement park. It's about Luzulandia , and it caused a sensation during its first season. Now, Luzulaunches a new park in a new game with better graphics, more customization options and a lot of fun is Planet Coaster , which tries to relaunch what was once the RollerCoaster Tycoon saga .

It is no wonder, and that is that RollerCoaster Tycoon World offers a unique experience to each player thanks to its customization features. But Planet Coaster is more up to date, has much more colorful graphics and detailed options . In this edition it is not only possible to build roller coasters according to our own dreams and fantasies, but it also has an editor to customize even the decoration and the stalls . All this without losing attention to the management of the park itself , so that everything works as it should: clean bins, rides without failures and happy visitors willing to spend money. Will it be the new Luzuland the ultimate amusement park?

Luzulandia, from RollerCoaster Tycoon World to Planet Coaster

Luzulandia started as a little experiment by Luzu in their RollerCoaster Tycoon World tests back in May. A general trend among a few youtuber due to the evolution of the title, which aspired to become a great success thanks to the social component and the customization possibilities. And it is that, along with all the classic of this franchise, the title already allows you to create freehand sections when designing a roller coaster, in addition to creating scenarios and own elements for decoration. Initially, Luzulandiait was little more than a basic park with various attractions such as the mechanical bull, a merry-go-round, a simulator, and various food stands. In fact, Luzu could not open his first roller coaster due to lack of funds in the first episode. Proof that the management and strategy are key in these titles .


The first season of Luzulandia ended with a complete and truly themed park, finding horror zones, futuristic attractions and even a water section. Everything a visitor could wish for. In addition, as an interaction campaign for all the fans of the saga, Luzu raffled tribute shirts to Luzulandia . All this with the purpose of returning with a second season.

The change was long overdue and surprised many. And it is that Luzulandia has returned, but through another game totally different in origin, although with many similarities in terms of mechanics. Instead of doing it in RollerCoaster Tycoon 2, Luzu decided to jump into the hot game: Planet Coaster . Something that has been seen in the graphics, although also in the despair of the youtuber when it comes to customizing their roller coasters.

This season, which is already halfway through, Luzu has started a new park and is building it step by step. As always, his experience in strategy leads him to first come up with a layout of the roads and the layout of the park before starting to build like crazy. The new Luzulandia has started with a merry-go-round (actually an information center), and continues with its first wooden roller coaster and lots of greenery in the park. All this achieving quite surprising results and, what is better, a stable solvency in the new park .

Planet Coaster

Why did you choose Luzu Planet Coaster instead of sticking with the RollerCoaster Tycoon franchise ? Without a doubt, the developer Frontier , who is behind both games, has managed to evolve its concept of management game. Just go to the Steam download page to see the positive ratings and references to the qualitative leap between RollerCoaster Tycoon World and Planet Coaster . Of course, there are some clarifications to make.

In Planet Coaster we find the same mechanics and philosophy. The idea is to be the director, manager and builder of a personalized amusement park. From the attractions and roads that populate it, to the arrangement of the decoration, the vegetation and even the staff who work to make sure everything goes well. So far nothing really new. However, you only have to take a look at Luzu's latest videos to appreciate the qualitative leap in the technical section . And is that Planet Coaster is a current title. This can be seen in the textures of the wood of the roller coaster , which is completely realistic, or in the planes against the light of sunset. Everything in the game are effects that invite you to gawk at the detail and care placed on this game .

Another interesting point that makes this title stand out is its customization possibilities . Everything can be painted. Everything can be created to suit the user . Its construction tools allow an organic experience where, in addition to detailed sections in which to choose the inclination, length or curvature , it is possible to take advantage of the computer mouse to do it comfortably and in a less predetermined way. Elements that, in the end, allow you to create your own attractions and a totally unique park . All this without forgetting the possibilities of editing the terrain to the point of creating islands in the sky, or managing details such as training and salary for different types of employees.

Workshop, the community is the key

However, it is the social aspect that allows you to extend the useful life and hours of fun of this game to infinity. Thanks to the Steam user community , the gaming platform through which the title is sold, it is possible to share unique creations such as your own roller coasters, personalized decorations or even an entire amusement park created step by step. Anyone can share their creations with the community and, in the same way, get unique attractions or already created parks in which to play or edit any detail.

In this way, although it has its game modes in which to enjoy unlimited creativity or face missions in which the terrain makes everything difficult, it is also possible to play with other people's creations . Something like new levels to face and that have the possibility of never ending as long as players continue to participate and share.

For the moment, Luzu has not given clues about what he will do next in his Luzulandia park , or if there will be a new contest and prizes to celebrate this Planet Coaster video miniseries . What is known is that you will continue to enjoy a management game in which you control absolutely everything. It is true that the game gains in graphic quality and functions, although it loses in content compared to RollerCoaster Tycoon World , but it is to be expected that future updates will enhance this section and make it much more dynamic, complete and entertaining.

At the moment, Planet Coaster can be found on Steam for a price of almost 38 euros . Similarly, RollerCoaster Tyxoon World is available on the same platform for a price of 32 euros.