How to find my Google contacts in the new Gmail

How to find my Google contacts in the new Gmail

Before the summer season kicked off, the Google Gmail email application benefited from a makeover and features to adapt to Material Design 2 guidelines. Clearer and cleaner interface, with the ability to view files Email attachments and a sidebar to add add-ons were the star novelties of this new beginning for Google Gmail. Many people, however, were going a little crazy to find where the contacts were located now.

Where are the contacts in the new Gmail?

And it is that the direct access that we previously had in the previous version of Gmail has disappeared in this new design. The contacts tab has disappeared and now the contacts section is not such, but it is a hidden shortcut. And where is the new Google contact access in Gmail? Be sure to take a look at this new tutorial.

The first thing we have to do, of course, is open Gmail on our computer. In the upper right you can see a square made up of 9 other small squares. Press it. A menu will open with different shortcuts such as 'My account', 'Maps', 'YouTube', 'Google Play' and 'Contacts'. If you don't see it, it's normal, it may be hidden.

gmail shortcuts 01

Now, we are going to click on 'More'. As you will see, there are more shortcuts but they are hidden. Among them, as you may have guessed, is 'Contacts'. We are going to hold down the shortcut and drag it to the top, in the order in which we want to have it. From then on, the 'Contacts' shortcut will be visible whenever you press the shortcut of the squares.

gmail shortcuts 02

Google Contacts, this is how its interface works

Once we have accessed the Google Contacts screen we can do any operation with them. The main screen consists of two distinct parts. We have, on the left, a bar with tabs where we can see all our contacts as well as the different labels that we have been putting on them. A contact that is a family member, a close friend, a co-worker or a simple business contact is not the same.

How to find my Google contacts in the new Gmail 1

The way to edit a contact on this screen is very simple. With the mouse, we rest on the contact that we want to modify. Your profile photo will automatically disappear and a square will appear instead to select it. As soon as we select it, a top bar is activated with which you can, for example, hide a contact from the list . To modify it, it is not necessary to select it, just press the pencil icon that we can find to the right of the whole, next to the star to mark a contact as a favorite and the three-point menu to label it, export it, hide it, etc.

Returning to the sidebar of the contacts, in it we can also combine the contacts that we have duplicates . Don't worry, Google is capable of detecting them by itself, proposing then the possibility of combining them to have them more ordered. We also have the possibility of accessing a frequent contacts tab, so that you can edit those contact files with which you usually have more contact. Finally, in the 'Settings' tab we can sort the contacts by first or last name.