Doro PhoneEasy, mobile phones for the elderly


The mobile phone has made life easier for people . But not all. Our elders and people with visual or hearing difficulties have not had it so easy. So the time has come for a manufacturer like Doro to realize the problem and bring up several lines of mobile and cordless phones for seniors. The main features of these terminals are obvious: large keys and numbers, bright and clairvoyant screens , as well as memory registers that link directly to the telephone number of our loved ones .

The Swedish company has several ranges of mobile and cordless phones , intended for an elderly audience or anyone else who needs an easy-to-use device . For this reason, they have begun to sell the telephones in authorized stores such as El Corte Inglés, Gaes Hearing Centers or Oi2 , businesses dedicated to the sale of solutions for deafness. Each of these phones can cost us between 100 and 150 euros , depending on each model.

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