PSP, Sony lowers the price of its portable PSP console

PSP 3000

The Japanese company Sony has just announced that it is going to reduce the price of one of its consoles . It is about the PlayStation Portable, or PSP , the portable with which Sony intended to face Nintendo's commitment to this market, the Nintendo DS . Well, now to face this and also the other new laptop, the Nintendo 3DS, has decided to leave it at a more attractive price.

However, the PSP currently has two models for sale. On the one hand there is the PSP Go , a version that does not have a game disc reader in UMD, but rather reads them from the memory card. In addition, its shape is different, with a somewhat smaller screen. On the other hand, there is the PSP 3000 , which is the one that follows the classic style of the first version. Well, this is the one that will see its price reduced to a new one that we reveal to you below.

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