JetClean, how to clean your computer of unnecessary files


Jetclean is a free tool that allows us to optimize the system for a faster boot and better performance, positioning itself as an alternative to CCleaner . It has different functions such as cleaning the registry of unnecessary entries, deleting temporary files, cleaning the internet history and optimizing the RAM memory . The latest available version of JetClean is 1.0 Beta . We tell you the details below and we provide you with the download link at the end of the article.

JetClean presents a simple and intuitive interface . It has three tabs with different options in the form of drop-down menus. In "1-Click" are the analyzes of the system with its different search filters. Within this tab you can find the cleaner the registry , the Windows cleaner that includes the browser, the system 's own files and Windows . Temporary Internet files and unnecessary files from some utilities and programs can also be deleted. In addition, JetClean allows you to remove or repair broken shortcuts, and free up and optimize your RAM . With "Scan Now" it will search for files to delete later, and scans can be scheduled to be done automatically.


In tools we have interesting options: we can uninstall programs through a search engine . They are ordered by filters, such as browser toolbars, large programs, and even different Windows updates . We can also optimize the startup of the operating system: it shows us a list of the applications that open with power on , being able to disable the ones we want for a faster load.

With JetClean it is possible to review the technical characteristics of the equipment, optimize the Internet and browser settings and defragment the registry. We can also create a portable version of the program to take it with us on a USB . An important aspect is that the program can create a restore point in case the changes have to be reversed. It is available for Windows 2000, XP, Vista and 7, and at the moment it is only English. In short, we are facing a light ( 2.7MB ) but powerful tool that has automatic updates and interesting options, although it is only available in English for now.

Download JetClean for free from the official website.