Samsung Jet S8000 ”“ Thoroughly


Directly from the wooded depths of Battersea Park in London , Samsung today unveiled its new bet for 2009. It is a new high-end touch phone called the Samsung S8000 and better known as the Samsung Jet . The terminal is the first of a new generation of terminals that combine a really powerful 800 Mhz processor with AMOLED screens , 2.75G Internet connectivity and new ideas that make the experience of handling the phone more fun.

Despite its features, the Samsung Jet manages to retain dimensions that make it extremely comfortable to wear. Measured 108.8 x 53.5 x 11.9 mm . The weight has not been disclosed, but it is really light to the touch .



The front of the phone is almost entirely occupied by the 3.1-inch touch screen , under which the keys for hanging up, off hook and the curious menu button are located , with a glass finish reminiscent of a cube or a gemstone. The sides only house the volume controls , the camera shutter , a physical lock button and another that activates a 3D cube menu . By the way, it reminds us of LG's Touch Flo interface . In this case, it serves to quickly access all the entertainment options.


It is striking the absence of external access to the MicroSD card slot (located under the cover) and the position of the MiniUSB outputs and the audio / TV output jack , which are located on the top of the phone.

In red lines

Apart from its small and handy form factor, the rear of the Samsung Jet surprises with a curious black finish that, when light, shows several iridescent red lines under the surface. Although it lacks metal parts, the Jet has a really attractive design . Quite a success on the part of Samsung .



Internally, the phone runs with an 800 Mhz processor and version 2.0 of Samsung's TouchWiz operating system . The truth is that the combination of both works like a charm . The keyboard, the access to the different applications, the videos or the response of the camera are unusually agile . The new processor has also improved the ability to run multiple applications simultaneously .

AMOLED display

Another element that makes the Samsung Jet a serious option to consider when getting a touch terminal is the 3.1-inch AMOLED screen and WVGA resolution . The difference between these new displays and traditional LEDs is tremendous in terms of point sharpness, contrast, and color quality . The Jet screen can be seen from practically any angle and under any ambient light condition (except extreme sun) and boasts a very correct tactile sensitivity supported by small vibrations to give the whole touch the touch. Moreover, the AMOLED consumes 66% less energy .


Motion gate

Another of the biggest novelties of the Samsung Jet is that it incorporates a motion control system called Motion Gate and similar to Sony Ericsson's Shake Control , but more advanced . The accelerometer allows, for example, to scroll through a photo album simply by tilting the phone or to end any application in progress by shaking the phone three times . The system is quite versatile and allows you to open an application, pause a video or take a photo by simply tapping the device. An integrated tutorial allows you to learn all these tricks in a very intuitive and fast way.


The Touchwiz 2.0 has also expanded the number of available desktops to three that can be navigated by simply sliding your finger across the screen. Each of these three spaces is configurable through the traditional widgets offered by the slider on the left. Fans of traditional menus can always access all applications simply with the central menu button . A curious feature of the Samsung Jet that those of us who are short-sighted appreciate is the possibility of zooming in on any point on the screen and at any time with a single movement of the finger .



In terms of storage, the Jet has 150 Mb of internal memory expandable through the aforementioned MicroSD cards up to 16 Gb . The phone's compatibility with audio and video files reaches up to DivX or XviD . And the screen makes even the most scruffy clip look like a blockbuster. Special mention to the reproduction of the black color, worthy of the best LCD televisions. The 3.5mm audio jack doubles as a TV out, making the Samsung Jet a worthy portable media player. This is an interesting detail if we consider that the Jet is capable of playing DVD quality video..

Camera and multimedia

The camera of the Samsung S8000 also more than meets expectations. Five megapixels , autofocus , dual LED flash , face detection, smiles and flashes (so we do not get caught with your eyes closed) and video recording . The terminal also has FM Radio with RDS and A-GPS with a good range of software options that include SMS navigation .

3.75G connectivity

The connectivity of the Samsung Jet covers the entire spectrum available from HSDPA at 7.2 Mb / s, Bluetooth 2.0 with a2DP or WiFi . As for the batteries, the Jet lasts 492 minutes (300 in 3G) in conversation and 422 hours in standby (406 in 3G)


The best

Samsung has hit the nail on the head by integrating a powerful terminal, with a good processor, a great screen and all the connections that can be requested. All this wrapped in a small, very nice device and with a new version of the Touchwiz that, we have tested, works really well .

It can improve

Although it looks cool, the physical buttons on the front were hardly needed , considering that the Jet touch screen finally works well. The 3D card slot would have been better accessible from the outside .

Data sheet

ModelSamsung Jet S8000

108.8 x 53.5 x 11.9 mm
MemoryInternal memory 150 Mb

expandable by microSD cards up to 16 GB


AMOLED 3.1 inch WVGA
Camera 5 Megapixel sensor

Integrated Dual LED Flash


Video recording

MultimediaPlay music, video and photos

FM radio tuner with RDS

A-GPS navigator that allows navigation by SMS

Controls and connections

Samsung TouchWiz 2.0 operating system

Call / pick up / accept key

Call reject / hang up key

Side volume control

Camera shutter button

Integrated GPS

MiniUSB output

3.5mm headphone output, serves as TV output

Inside slot for microSD cards

Wireless: HSDPA, Wifi 802.11 b / g and Bluetooth 2.0 with A2DP

AutonomyIn conversation: 492 GSM minutes. 300 minutes on 3G

Standby: 406 hours on 3G


450 euros (free)
+ info