More than a thousand people, victims of hidden cameras in hotels

More than a thousand people, victims of hidden cameras in hotels

More than 1600 people have been victims of hidden cameras installed in hotels without their consent. Those responsible sold the broadcasts live over the Internet .

Two people arrested for installing hidden cameras in hotels

The South Korean Police have announced the arrest of two men for having installed hidden cameras in hotel rooms. It is estimated that more than 1600 people were recorded without their consent in hotels in that Asian country.

The criminals installed hidden cameras in more than 40 rooms of 30 different hotels , spread over 10 cities in South Korea. The cameras captured images that were broadcast live over the Internet, and users paid to access the content.

Police are now investigating whether these men received help from hotel staff or whether more people are involved. The cameras were hidden in different places in the rooms, such as on hair dryer stands, TV stands, etc.

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More than 4,000 people paid to watch the content live

The images were broadcast live over the Internet. And the page where those contents were thrown had more than 4,000 members , who accessed the contents by paying.

Within the payment plans there were also premium options: almost 100 people were paying up to 40 euros a month to be able to go back or stop and repeat video clips.

The problem of hidden cameras in South Korea

This is not the first hidden camera scandal detected in South Korea in recent years. It is a business that moves large amounts of money : the two arrested this week had earned more than 5,000 euros from the sale of the videos online.

Only in 2017 were recorded in the country 6,400 cases of illegal recordings . In Seoul, for example, there is a special body of female inspectors who are in charge of investigating places like public toilets in search of hidden cameras.