The best YouTube channels to prepare your Christmas meal

The best YouTube channels to prepare your Christmas meal

In a few days Christmas comes. If this year you have had to prepare Christmas Eve dinner or the next day's meal, you may be finalizing the details of the menu. Thanks to the Internet there are hundreds of practical ideas that will allow you to prepare succulent dishes . In fact, on YouTube there are cooking channels specially designed for those who want to follow the recipe step by step. For both starters, main courses or desserts, there is a wide variety of options. From simple recipes, such as some more elaborate ones for users who are no longer afraid of the stove.

Natural cuisine

We start with a channel with simple recipes made with very appetizing ingredients. In the Christmas section of Cocina al Natural you can learn how to make different types of turkey. For example, the Christmas fried turkey, perfect for New Year's Eve dinner. There is also the recipe for stuffed turkey, or turkey breasts stuffed with fig compote. As you will see, there are many recipes to cook this bird. All your guests will be very satisfied.

During these days there is also a section in the channel of edible gifts for Christmas. They show you how to prepare original desserts to surprise for the holidays. This can be an excellent idea if you are not going to take care of dinner or lunch, but are thinking about organizing a snack . Among some of the edible gifts are the famous churros, perfect to accompany a very hot chocolate. The gingerbread cookies, so typical at Christmas in some countries, or the wind fritters.

Cook with Carmen

Carmen is an Andalusian who prepares very typical recipes of our country, simple, and that you can make without problems at home. For Christmas he has created a section with very festive recipes and with which your friends and family will suck their fingers. For the main dishes, Carmen will teach you how to make baked stuffed pork loin, stuffed turkey with ham, or loin in garlic sauce. There are also videos to learn how to prepare delicious canapés and even the soft nougat. If you have time you will not even have to buy it, in this channel they teach you to do it yourself at home.

Enter the section of pinchos, tapas and canapés to get more ideas. There are the rich chicken croquettes, the garlic prawns or the Galician octopus. In Fish and Seafood we also find very appropriate recipes for Christmas. From clams a la marinera to grilled squid, how well it can be on your table during Christmas Eve dinner. The best thing about this channel is that it explains everything in a very didactic step by step. Not without first telling you all the ingredients you will need and their corresponding measurements.

I want cupcakes!

With more than a million subscribers I want Cupcakes! It is the perfect channel if you are looking for ideas to prepare desserts for Christmas. And it is that during these days not only meats and seafood are styled, but also cakes and sweets to celebrate the end of the year and the beginning of the next . New videos are uploaded every week. Cookies, cakes, cakes or mousse are the main stars of the channel.

In Christmas Recipes it is available to learn how to make the gingerbread house or a Ferrero Rocher cake. There is also a video to prepare the roscón de Reyes or the traditional Panettone. Although it is true that desserts are reputed to be much more complicated and require a lot of skill, don't worry. In this channel they explain everything in detail so that you do not have problems with any step during the recipe.

Kitchen channel

If you are not lucky enough to have the Cooking Channel on your television, it does not matter. You can go through their YouTube channel and see the content that interests you the most. In the videos section there are recipes for all tastes. One of the latest to come up is the chocolate nougat , very typical for this time. But on the YouTube channel of Canal cocina you can also learn how to cook more premium dishes for Christmas. Among them the tuna tataki or yakimeshi rice with spicy wok prawns. Dishes with an oriental tint with which you can give another air to your dinners and meals these days.

Among the popular videos we see some that can also get you out of the way during these holidays. There is a special cupcakes or tiramisu glasses. With these desserts you will be very good after the Christmas meal or at the beginning of the year.


This channel is out of the ordinary. And not because strange foods are cooked, but because its owner tries to give it a touch of humor, which has led to more than three million subscribers. This Mexican cooks in a simple way, but always with a good dose of laughter so that we can have fun while we cook. For the holidays is a new Christmas section loaded videos for everyone. Marisolpink teaches us how to prepare some pears with red wine as a Christmas dessert or a chicken with puree, as well as the traditional turkey.

Take a look at his popular videos. In this section you can find how to prepare delicious churros or homemade ice cream without using a machine. And it is that at Christmas you can also savor a delicious ice cream that will allow you to calm the heat of the fireplace or heating.