How to link your Gmail account to Outlook

gmail in outlook

Internet users are encountering more and more email accounts . And it is that sometimes they are forced to create one for certain services, or for their professional and personal scope , always trying to differentiate these issues well. Something that can lead to using a Gmail accountand another from Outlook at the same time. So that all this is not crazy and does not become a waste of time every time you want to consult some inboxes or others, companies offer tools with which to combine these accounts in the same service , thus allowing the management of both in a simple, fast and comfortable way. Here 's how to join and use your account Gmail , the service Google , in Outlook from Microsoft .

If you use Outlook from the web

For those using Microsoft email from the web, the process takes several steps and some time. The first thing is to access your Outlook mail on a regular basis from the web.

After that, you have to look for the gear wheel or Settings menu in the upper right part of the screen. When displaying the menu, just click on the Settings option .

gmail in outlook

Thus, you access a panel full of options and features to adjust the operation of email, having to find the one that says Import email accounts . Inside here it is possible to choose between a variety of services, where there is also the Google (Gmail) option .

When selecting this point, you just have to follow the steps, indicating the Gmail account that you want to use through Outlook . This process involves entering the password to access your emails, in addition to offering the relevant permissions to Outlook to collect and manage all the account information.

gmail in outlook

In this way, and with some time, Outlook imports the information from the Gmail account . That is, have the contacts , email addresses , labels (which in Outlook are folders), calendar appointments and all messages .

With this it is possible to use all these features from the Outlook web . Just click on the + button to compose a new email and select from which account (Outlook or Gmail) you want to send . Furthermore, the contacts are available for both accounts. Also emails and appointments, which can be consulted once they have been imported.

gmail in outlook

If you use the Windows 8.1 Outlook Mail app

Users of Windows 8.1 devices that use the Mail application integrated by default in all of them can also carry out this process in which they integrate and import their Gmail account into Outlook . A much simpler process than on the web.

All you have to do is open the application and display the menu on the right to access Settings . Here there is a section called Accounts , where is the option Add an account .

gmail in outlook

Just enter the address of the Gmail account you want to synchronize, along with its corresponding password .

Instantly, it is possible to see how a new account appears in the lower left corner of the main menu of the application. From this corner it is possible to click on Gmail and Outlook to switch between inboxes and email accounts . All a convenience to avoid confusion and to send emails in a well differentiated way in both accounts.

gmail in outlook