Windows Store, an application store for Windows 8


Shortly after the launch of Windows 7 , Microsoft is already working on the new Windows 8 operating system with the desire to surpass itself and, if possible, the other competitors. One of the first novelties that has come to light in this news advance is called Windows Store and it is nothing more than a store to download third-party applications , as we currently do through the App Store or the Android Market in the case of mobiles.

Microsoft already tried it a while ago without success with Windows Marketplace , a system that did not succeed and that had to shut down last August . The fault was a little promotion by Microsoft and what is worse, the ignorance that users of this type of stores had at that time. The truth is that downloading an application was still an accessory operation for users of this operating system .


But things have changed. After the mobile application stores are taking over the Internet, it has made Microsoft now seriously consider opening an application store that it will call the Windows Store . Even so, whether or not to succeed will depend largely on the unilateral decision of the user , who will have to see if the system is really effective and if it meets their needs.


Keep in mind that there are already different websites that offer free software to download and of course, pirated websites that allow the download of protected programs . Although in the case of mobiles the application stores are operating with sufficient margin, it will not be until Microsoft decides to open the store when we have the opportunity to verify the effectiveness of this new system.

Photos by: Daniel F Pigatto and tsukubajin