How to improve the sound of the Samsung Galaxy S4 with Adapt Sound

Samsung Adapt 00

Virtually all smartphones - even the most basic ones - allow us to listen to music and do it through headphones , even if they are simple. In fact, the terminals already sold standard with an input of 3.5 mm for connecting headphones or even a small speaker to amplify the sound in any room or space to the outdoors. But not all phones offer good quality when it comes to playing music or sound. The quality actually depends on the hardware and software of each terminal. The first element offers the user a fixed performance, but the second is easily customizable, especially if the device offers different tools for configuration that can contribute to a substantial improvement of the sound system . This is the case of the Samsung Galaxy S4 , a smartphone that has a unique feature: Adapt Sound . Thanks to this service, we will be able to correct, improve and personalize the sound of our device. Today we tell you how to do it in a few simple steps.

Samsung Adapt 01

Adapt Sound is a feature that is built into the Samsung Galaxy S4 , so you won't have to install any optional programs or features to access it. To get started, we recommend that you follow these steps:

1) Take your Samsung Galaxy S4 and go to a room where you can be quiet and you can enjoy the speakers / headphones properly. Open the device and access the Settings menu , click on the My device tab and select Sound . At the bottom of the list you will find Adapt Sound . Click to open and go to Start .

2) From now on, you will begin to hear a whole series of sounds that are reproduced at different frequencies. Now you will have to confirm or not if you can hear something. In fact, it is very possible that sometimes, you do not hear anything. Don't worry: the results depend on our own hearing and the characteristics of the headphones you use.

Samsung Galaxy S4 01

3) You should also bear in mind that the configuration process through these test tones will have to be done separately for each left or right earphone. When the installation process has finished, the system will ask you to indicate which ear you use most often for phone calls . Indeed, the software of Samsung can also improve the audio quality when making calls.

4) When finished, click on the button Done or Done to terminate the setting. You must bear in mind, of course, that the Adapt Sound system configuration will always work with the Samsung media player and never with any other player, no matter how compatible it is with Android .

In any case, we recommend that you review the settings made in Adapt Sound every time you change headphones . On the benchmark, most headphones have performed optimally, even when playing music at high volumes. If you have already tried to  configure the sound of your Samsung Galaxy S4 with headphones, you can share your experience in the comments section.