▷ Fnac customer service: phone, contact and support email

Fnac customer service: phone, contact and support email 1

The French company, with more than 30 stores in Spain, has a customer service that is provided in two ways, the presence and the telematic way. Due to the current health situation, Fnac has placed special emphasis on its telematic attention service . Within this service we find the usual contact channels, as we will see below. Telephone, email, claim form, social networks ...

Fnac customer service number (telephone 91 and 902)

For its telephone service, Fnac has enabled a payment line preceded by the prefix 902. Specifically, the number 902 100 632 . For Fnac Empresas we will have to resort to the number 902 553 080.

The cost per minute of both the first and the second number varies depending on the operator, although from tuexperto.com we warn you that it is usually quite high, especially if we make the call from a mobile phone. Customer service hours are from 09:00 in the morning to 21:00 at night from Monday to Friday . On weekends no service is provided, so we will have to go to the physical store.

Is there a free alternative to Fnac 902? The truth is that yes, although it is not advertised on its website. The number in question is 918 001 278 . This number has been provided by dozens of users in forums and social networks, so we cannot confirm its authorship. It should be noted that the cost per minute of the number in question is the same as that of a national call to any fixed number. Pricing may again vary depending on the operator, although it is not usually very high.

Fnac support email for customers

Today, Fnac only offers assistance by email through a form enabled on its website for clients. We can access the form in question through the following link:

  • Support form

In the form in question we will have to indicate an email address, as well as a description of the problem and the type of consultation that we are going to carry out. Warranty, availability of certain products, repair service, order status, questions about items sold on the web and so on. If we are self-employed or a company and we want to consult a budget adapted to our activity, we can use the following form:

  • Support form for companies

The response time may vary depending on the saturation of the service. Due to the current situation due to the coronavirus, it may take several days.

Fnac social networks to contact the company

Like other companies, Fnac has enabled customer assistance through its social networks on Twitter and Facebook. We leave you below with the list of company networks.

  • Twitter : @CAC_Fnac_ESP
  • Facebook : @ Fnac.es

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