Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + (Plus), we have tested it

samsung galaxy s6 edge plus

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge PLUSThe Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + (Plus) is one of the most powerful mobiles that we can find on the market. It is a smartphone with a 5.7-inch screen that has a curved panel on both sides on its front , just like the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge debuted . But additionally also it incorporates a resolution Quad HD of 2560 x 1440 pixels , a processor Exynos 7420 of eight cores , four gigabytes of RAM , up to 64 gigabytes of internal memory and a battery of 3000 mAhcapacity, among others. We have had the opportunity to thoroughly test this mobile, and in this test of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + we will talk about what we have found each and every one of its features.

Before starting the test, remember that the S6 Edge + from Samsung is available in stores for a price of 800 euros for the version of 32 gigabytes (this is the version we have had the opportunity to test) and 900 euros for the 64 GigaBytes . Furthermore, the S6 Edge + is available in two different case finishes (' Gold ' and ' Blue '). The unit we have tested has a gold colored housing. Let's start with the test.

Analysis of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +, in video




Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

Measures 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 millimeters, with a weight set at 153 grams. Housing with metal sides and glass back (with Corning Gorilla Glass 4 protection). Available in gold and black-blue. Home button with integrated fingerprint reader, accompanied by backlit touch buttons for Menu and Back .

In recent years, things have changed a lot in Samsung's high-end mobiles . We have gone from faux leather plastic cases (see Samsung Galaxy Note 3 ), accompanied by chrome sides (see Samsung Galaxy S3 ), to glass cases surrounded by all-metal edges. Samsung has greatly matured the design of its flagships of the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note ranges , and the culmination of this work is found in the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + . The back of the Galaxy S6 Edge + is covered with a layer of glass , while the sides are metal, as are the physical volume and power buttons. On the front we also find a layer of glass, in this case curved on the sides, hence the ' Edge ' tagline .

In general terms, the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is one of the phones with the highest-end design (' premium ') that we can find on the market . The combination of metal with glass results in an imposing finish that, simply at first glance, makes very clear the range to which this smartphone belongs. In our case, if the design of the S6 Edge + is already striking, it turns out that our unit was also golden (although, depending on the lighting, it can convey the feeling of being even another color), which still woke up more curious glances from people seeing the terminal for the first time. Of course,the S6 Edge + is a terminal that does not go unnoticed with its design .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested itThe Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + arouses many eyes in its wake. We are facing one of the best references of the concept of 'premium design' in a mobile, and if what we are looking for is a high-end terminal that does not leave us indifferent with its design, the S6 Edge + is a safe bet.

But, leaving behind the visual aspect, it is also important that we talk about the sensations in the hand that the S6 Edge + transmits . Despite its large size ( 154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm ), the Edge + S6 can hold a fairly steady with one hand , which is aided by the slight height difference between the curvature of the front panel and the side edges (later, in the ' Screen ' section, we will talk about what it means to use a mobile with a curved screen). The weight, set at 153 grams , is divided evenly across the entire terminal, without giving any feeling of heaviness in the hand.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

If we analyze its design a little more in depth, we will see that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + incorporates the volume buttons on the left side, in the form of two independent metal keys that, in addition to being very well integrated into the case - they have no clearance- , are accessible with just one hand; The power button is found on the right side, also with a metallic finish and with a comfortable access for the hand. At the bottom we have the microUSB output , the audio output and the main speaker , while at the top is the tray that contains the slot for the nanoSIM card(This tray is removed with a metal tip included with the mobile). At the rear, the S6 Edge + houses the main camera accompanied to its right by an LED Flash and various sensors. This camera protrudes slightly above the housing, and is surrounded by a metal ring in the same color as the sides of the terminal.

On the front, above the screen, we can see the speaker for calls (accompanied on its left by various sensors and on its right by the front camera), while below the screen there is the Home button that functions as fingerprint reader . In this sense, we have to emphasize that the fingerprint reader of the S6 Edge + works quite correctly , and for it to identify our fingerprint we only have to keep the finger pressed on the button (having to slide the finger on the button is already something what has happened to the history of the Galaxy, Fortunately). The fingerprint reader button is surrounded on its left by a touch surface corresponding to the Menu option , and to its right we find a touch surface corresponding to the Back option , both backlit .

Of course, not everything is praise for the design of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + . The back is extremely sensitive to fingerprints , and all you have to do is touch the phone a couple of times to find that the glass is completely stained. For everyday use, we can only recommend the ' Clear Cover ' case that Samsung offers for this mobile in its accessories catalog , especially if we want to avoid scratches on the glass on the back.



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

5.7-inch screen with Quad HD resolution (2,560 x 1,440 pixels), with a pixel density of 518 ppi. Super AMOLED panel. Screen curved on both sides .

If we have reached this point in the test, we will know that the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is anything but a compact mobile. The S6 Edge + is even larger than the S6 Edge , which already has a 5.1-inch screen, and the screen that presides over it has a size set at 5.7 inches . We are talking about a screen curved housing a panel Super AMOLED in which the resolution is of type Quad HD ( 2,560 x 1,440 pixels ), resulting in a pixel density established in the 518 ppi. This screen is also protected against bumps and scratches through Corning Gorilla Glass 4 technology .

With the presentations done, let's first talk about the image quality of the S6 Edge + screen . Super AMOLED panel , 2,560 x 1,440 pixels of resolution and 518 ppi of pixel density on the screen are three pieces of information that, in itself, allow us to get a good idea of ​​the image quality that we can expect on this mobile. The S6 Edge + offers what we can consider the purest blacks that we can find on a smartphone screen , and the colors have contrasts and a sharpness that guarantees a high-level multimedia experience. The fame of saturated colors that dragged the Super AMOLED panelsWe think it is a thing of the past, and in the S6 Edge + we have not appreciated that the image is excessively saturated.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested itLittle can be said about the screen of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge +. The multimedia experience is incredible, and the sharpness of the image is hardly a direct rival in the same price range. The Quad HD resolution, meanwhile, may not yet be fully exploited when it comes to multimedia content, but it is noticeable even in tasks as simple as reading a text document.

But what about the curvature of the screen? After our tests, we have to say that we agree with the sense of depth that Samsung announces when talking about the advantages of the curved screen of the S6 Edge + . It is not a sensation that forever changes our experience when consuming multimedia content, but once we try it -and it is by testing it in the first person that we come to understand this sensation-, we realize that the curvature of the screen is a complement quite curious when it comes to playing a movie or a series . And, again, we want to influence the recommendation to acquire the ' Clear Cover ' case together with the S6 Edge +, since its corners have a reinforced thickness that greatly facilitates holding the mobile with the screen horizontally.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

Continuing with our opinion about the curved screen of this mobile, we also have to emphasize that, from our point of view,  the curvature of the S6 Edge + screen does not cause problems when holding the mobile with the hand . That is, the erroneous keystrokes that we may have on the screen while holding the mobile are not higher than those we would have on a mobile with very thin frames. After all, despite its curved screen, the S6 Edge + still has side frames , and the fact that they protrude slightly above the screen makes it easier to grip the phone.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested itThe curvature of the S6 Edge + screen snags. The surround sensation of the S6 Edge + screen ends up pleasing, and adds a unique effect on a mobile when watching movies or series. It may still have a long way to go to become really practical but, without a doubt, the curved screen of this mobile is a differentiating factor in the market.

When looking for criticism in the technology of the curved screen of the S6 Edge + , we would mention that on the curved sides of the screen of this mobile we can see a slightly bluish tone when viewing an image with a white background. We imagine that it is a limitation of today's mobile panel technology, although it should be noted that it is not a detail that we will appreciate on a day-to-day basis. The viewing angles of the screen , by the way, have seemed very wide . Viewing the screen outdoors, with the brightness level at maximum, is not a headache either.



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

16 megapixel main camera, with LED Flash. Photos with a maximum resolution of 5,312 x 2,988 pixels, 4K video recording. Five - megapixel front camera .

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + incorporates a main camera of 16 megapixel camera accompanied by an LED flash , while on the front we find a sensor to five megapixels . The main camera is capable of taking pictures with a maximum resolution of 5,312 x 2,988 pixels , and video recording time allows immortalize scenes in 4K (ie, 3,840 x 2,160 pixel resolution). This main camera also incorporates autofocus and optical image stabilizer .

There is little we can say in this section beyond that the S6 Edge + probably incorporates one of the best cameras that we can find in a high-end smartphone . The photographs taken during the day, outdoors, are simply spectacular, and we can immortalize truly amazing scenes using only the automatic mode. Indoors, the main camera does not falter in the noise section and offers a more than acceptable sharpness, while at night the results do not admit any specific complaints either. The processing of the images , for its part, does not disappoint either .

So that you can judge for yourself the quality of the S6 Edge + camera , we leave you below with a series of photographs taken through the main camera of this mobile, using the automatic mode. Below the images you will find a link to a folder that also includes several videos, recorded in Full HD quality , Full HD 60 FPS , QHD and 4K .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus cameraSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus camera

Click on the thumbnails to see the photos in full size. COMPLETE GALLERY (WITH VIDEOS) HERE .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested itThat of the S6 Edge + is, without fear of being wrong, one of the best cameras that we can find in a high-end smartphone. The results that it offers us are obvious, and we believe that Samsung has not only made the right choice of sensor, but has also done a good job in the image processing system.

Finally, as regards the Camera application , in the S6 Edge + we find an interface clearly divided for two types of users: the user who only wants to shoot and immortalize a scene, in which case they will find a visible fire button located on the right side of the screen, and the user who wants to venture to play with the camera, in which case they will have access to a huge range of options. In our case, we have been satisfied with the layout of the camera interface.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

Starting with the image modes, the S6 Edge + offers the following shooting options: Automatic , Pro , Selective focus , Panoramic , Video collage , Live streaming (one of the novelties of the S6 Edge + compared to the S6 Edge ), Slow motion , Camera Quick and Virtual Photo . When it comes to image adjustments, we can choose between different accessories such as real-time image filters , HDR mode orsaving pictures in RAW format , while the three sizes larger image offered by the camera are 5,312 x 2,988 pixels ( 16: 9 ), 3,984 x 2,988 pixels ( 4: 3 ) and 2,976 x 2,976 pixels ( 1 : 1 ). When recording video, the four highest resolutions that we can use are UHD (3,840 x 2,160 pixels) , QHD (2,560 x 1,440 pixels) , Full HD 60 FPS (1,920 x 1,080 pixels) and of Full HD .

To finish the multimedia section, we will also mention that the main speaker of the S6 Edge + emits a sound with a volume that has left us quite surprised . The maximum volume is very high (we have reached almost 100 dB ), and the clarity of the sound remains constant even at the highest levels. Of course, the S6 Edge + does not have FM Radio .



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

Exynos 7420 eight-core processor (4x Cortex-A53 + 4x Cortex A-57) running at 1.5 / 2.1 GHz. Mali-T760MP8 graphics processor. 4 GigaBytes of RAM. 32 Gigabytes of internal memory, not expandable .

The Samsung S6 Edge + incorporates one of the most potent combinations of the market of mobile telephony: a processor Exynos 7420 of eight cores (manufactured under the label Samsung with the process of 14 nanometers ), a graphics processor Mali-T760MP8 and 4 Gigabytes of RAM ( LPDDR4 ). And, as such, we have not come across any surprises when it comes to testing the performance of this terminal: the S6 Edge + works completely smoothly , and both the applications in the foreground and the applications managed in the background move with maximum ease.

In short, the S6 Edge + offers the high-end performance that we can demand from any mobile of these characteristics. In our tests, the interface has developed with absolute fluidity in all situations, and in daily use we have not encountered problems associated with Samsung's Exynos processor . And when we say everyday use, we do it taking into account everything from Samsung's own applications to the most powerful third-party applications; In all cases, the result we have obtained has been satisfactory.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

In a test carried out with the CPU-Z application , we were able to verify that, indeed, the processor that incorporates the S6 Edge + is manufactured under the 14 nanometer process . The clock speeds between which it can range are between 800 MHz and 2.1 GHz , and at the time of taking a screenshot, the application showed us that there were four cores running at 1,296 MHz and four cores running at 2,100 MHz , with a processor load of 34% . The graphics processor appeared under the name Mali-T760 , and the 4 GigaBytes of RAMoffered by the mobile, the application at a certain moment showed us 864 MegaBytes ( 23% ) free.

And what can we say about RAM ? The TouchWiz customization layer is responsible for Samsung having been forced to incorporate a 4 GigaByte capacity into the RAM of the S6 Edge + . We do not know the reason for the increase in RAM memory compared to the 3 GigaBytes of the S6 Edge (to allow the incorporation of new functions in the curved screen, for example?), But we can certify that the S6 Edge + does not have major problems in managing the processes open in the background . The apps menuOpen in the background, it displays quickly and allows us to navigate through the applications smoothly, being able to close them all at once, with practically no waiting in between.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

When it comes to gaming, the S6 Edge + is capable of moving games like FIFA 2015 or Real Racing 3 at full power , with the highest level of graphics that a smartphone can offer. In a graphical test that we had the opportunity to perform on this mobile, the results showed us that the S6 Edge + was capable of moving graphics at a rate of 60 frames per second with a resolution of 2,560 x 1,440 pixels, which in simpler terms is means that this terminal is capable of offering maximum fluidity in games without having to sacrifice the level of graphics for it (which does happen in more modest mobiles).

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested itThe performance of the S6 Edge + hides no secrets. The mobile is completely fluid, and we have not encountered any situation in which we would miss a larger processor. The RAM memory has to dedicate a large part of its resources to the TouchWiz customization layer (including the functions of the curved side), but 4 GigaBytes is enough to guarantee fluidity in this task.

Of the 32 GigaBytes of internal storage (not expandable) with which one of the versions of the S6 Edge + is announced , the space that remains available to the user is around 23 GigaBytes .



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

Android 5.1.1 Lollipop. TouchWiz customization layer .

TouchWiz is the customization layer that brings the menus of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + to life , and it does so by running under the Android 5.1.1 Lollipop version of the Android operating system . As this Samsung layer has accustomed us for some years, the application icons are personalized with the characteristic design of the Galaxy interface , and the notification center is housed in a light-blue design that, Although it does not share the original aspect of the Android interface , it offers access to all the quick options that we may need on a day-to-day basis.

One detail worth noting is the interest Samsung has shown in custom themes . It turns out that the S6 Edge + incorporates a " Theme Store " that allows you to install designs other than those that come standard with the mobile customization layer. This shop is continually updated ( 14 new issues were added a few days ago , adding to the 57 new issues were added shortly before ) and offers designs for almost every taste. Of course, not all the downloadable themes of the S6 Edge + are free , and in some cases we will have to go through the box if we want to access them.

On the other hand, in regard to the section on applications open in the background, special mention should be made of the multi-window function . The S6 Edge + allows us to have two applications open simultaneously, and the performance of the processor is capable of allowing us to perform tasks such as browsing a web page at the same time that , below, we view a YouTube video . On a screen of this size, you could not miss an option that would allow you to run two tasks simultaneously.

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

As the S6 Edge + comes by default , the curved screen functions are accessed by sliding your finger from the outside to the inside at the top right of the screen . In fact, if we look closely, we will see that a small translucent rectangle appears in this part of the screen (we are talking about this rectangle ); This rectangle is the one that gives us access to the People Edge and Shortcuts options , and from the mobile settings we can not only change its position on the right curved side of the screen, but we can even move it to the left curved side. Samsung has ensured that the S6 Edge + is compatible with both left and right handed., so it makes no difference whether we use it with one or the other hand.

The curved screen of the S6 Edge + is not limited to offering an immersive experience when playing videos, but also offers shortcuts available from any application. And it is that, the curvature of the screen of this mobile also brings with it some native functions, and that includes the following options:

- People Edge . This option is always available on the side of the screen, and by dragging from the curved side of the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested itpanel we can quickly access five favorite contacts . From this screen it is possible to make calls or send messages to these contacts, as well as we can quickly know the lost notifications of any of them. Depending on whether or not we activate this option, the S6 Edge + also offers us the possibility of activating the Edge screen lighting option , which allows the curved screen to light up - while the mobile is face down - when receiving a call from a contact favorite People Edge(The screen lights up with the color associated with the favorite contact, which allows us to know who is calling us without having to lift the mobile from the table; we can even configure the mobile to reject an incoming call by leaving the finger resting on the sensor. heart rate for two seconds, while the mobile is still face down ( this option appears in this screenshot )). Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it- Shortcuts . If we slide the side screen twice, what will be shown to us are the shortcuts that we have configured on the curved side of the screen. We can add up to five shortcuts , and that includes any application that we want to access comfortably from the side of the screen. -Information at rest . This option allows us to access certain information on the mobile while the screen is idle; To do this, we have to pass our finger twice over the curved side, and the S6 Edge + will show us the time, the weather or the incoming notifications, as well as other additional options such as news, current topics on Twitter or sports results . - Night watch . One of the simplest yet most useful options on the S6 Edge + curved screenfacing the night. This option allows the curved side of the screen to light up with the time and the next alarm in a certain time frame, being able to configure it to turn on automatically between 21:00 and 08:30, for example. The time and the next alarm are displayed with a white font on the screen completely off, so that in addition to being easily displayed at night, the battery consumption is practically zero. In this image we can see how it works.

And what about third-party apps? For now, the S6 Edge + offers very few, if any, curved screen options associated with third-party apps . The only thing that we find beyond taking advantage of the curved side of the screen for notifications or for shortcuts is the Kick application , which allows adding a widget with results of sports events in real time that is displayed regardless of the application that is at that moment open on the screen. To SamsungIt has a long way to go to come up with a compelling reason for users to be interested in the practical side of curved screens, and that requires the involvement of developers of such powerful applications as WhatsApp , Facebook , Twitter or YouTube .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

As regards the factory installed applications, the S6 Edge + comes with the following applications: Phone , Contacts , Messages , Internet , Email , Gallery , Camera , Music , Video , Settings , Calculator , Clock , Calendar , Smart Manager , a utility folder, S Health , S Voice , Galaxy Apps , SideSync , Notes, Chrome , Maps , YouTube , Play Store , Google applications, Microsoft applications , Facebook , social media applications, Kick , S Club , Smart Tutor and Sherpa Next , all accompanied by the Briefing application , a news aggregator that it is activated from the factory on the page located on the left of the main screen.



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

3,000 mAh capacity battery. Non-removable. Includes fast charging technology .

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + has a 3,000 mAh capacity battery . In this section we are not going to extend ourselves excessively, and we will limit ourselves to saying that, in our tests, the S6 Edge + has been offering us an autonomy that was close to five hours of screen without the need to take any precautions regarding consumption. If we lower the brightness, activate some energy saving mode and make moderate use of the mobile, we should be able to reach even six hours. In terms of burning hours, the S6 Edge + has not led us trouble coming with remaining autonomy to the end of the day . This terminal has fast charging, and that means that we can achieve up to half of the autonomy with 90 minutes of charge. Likewise, the S6 Edge + also supports wireless charging .

In this link you can thoroughly consult the screenshots of the battery consumption of our S6 Edge + test unit .

As regards the energy saving modes, this mobile offers two options to reduce battery consumption in emergencies: Energy saving and Ultrahorro Power Mode . For a remaining autonomy of just over eight hours of battery life, these saving modes theoretically offered us nine and 20 hours of autonomy, respectively.



Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus, we have tested it

The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + is one of the best representatives of the high-end Android . An exceptional design , with a care for details that is obvious ; a screen with one of the most complete combinations of today (curved panel + Super AMOLED + Quad HD resolution ), a performance without adversary ( Exynos 7420 + 4 GigaBytes of RAM ), one of the best cameras on the marketand a sufficient battery for a daily day of use are the points that lead us to think that, if our budget allows us to spend more than seven hundred euros for a mobile, the S6 Edge + is a purchase that we will not regret at all.

Regarding the characteristics of the S6 Edge + that we believe can be improved, we would begin by highlighting how much dirt attracts the glass on the back of the case , where fingerprints are practically inevitable after a couple of hours of use. The features of the curved screen need more additions as soon as possible (we even feel that in our Note Edge test we found more features on the curved screen), and we believe that the potential of this technology could arouse the interest of many users. The absence of the microSD , although it can be justified in many ways, is still an inconvenience for some users. AND,Samsungwe have noticed the absence of infrared ! While the S6 Edge did have it, curiously the S6 Edge + dispenses with this feature that, basically, allows us to control other devices as if we were using a remote control.

The Galaxy S6 Edge + of Samsung is already available in Spain at a price of 800 euros for the version of 32 gigabytes and 900 euros for the version of 64 gigabytes .

Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge + data sheet

ModelSamsung Galaxy S6 Edge +


Size5.7 inch
ResolutionQuad HD 2,560 x 1440 pixels
Density518 ppi
TechnologySuper AMOLED


Dimensions154.4 x 75.8 x 6.9 mm
Weight153 grams
ColorsCobalt Blue / Gold


Resolution16 megapixels
FlashYes, LED Flash
Video4K recordings
FeaturesHDR, Optical Image Stabilizer


Different camera modes

Front camera5 megapixels with f / 1.9 aperture and group selfie mode


FormatsMP3, M4A, 3GA, AAC, OGG, OGA, WAV, WMA, AMR,







Operating systemAndroid 5.1 Lollipop
Extra applicationsDigital fingerprint reader


Samsung KNOX

Direct streaming to YouTube from the camera (Live Broadcast)

Samsung Pay

Multitasking with pop-up windows

Google applications (Gmail, Hangouts, Chrome, etc.)


CPU processorExynos 7420 processor @ eight cores (1.5 / 2.1 GHz)
Graphics processor (GPU)Mali-T760MP8 graphics processor
RAM4 GigaBytes


Internal memory32/64 GigaBytes


Mobile Network3G (HSDPA at 21 Mbps / HSUPA at 5.76 Mbps)


WifiWiFi 802.11 a / b / g / n / ac MIMO PCIe
BluetoothBluetooth 4.2
ConnectorMicroUSB 2.0
Audio3.5 mm minijack
Bands2.5G (GSM / GPRS / EDGE): 850/900/1800/1900 MHz

3G (HSPAï¼ ‹42Mbps): 850/900/1900/2100 MHz

4G (LTE Cat 4 150 / 50Mbps) or 4G (LTE Cat 6 300 / 50Mbps)

OthersCreate WiFi zones


Pulse meter


Capacity3,000 mAh
Standby duration-
Duration in use-

+ info

Release dateNow available
Manufacturer's websiteSamsung

Price: 800/900 euros 

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