Bose Solo TV, in-depth analysis

Bose Solo TV


Bose has launched new equipment designed to enhance and amplify the sound of our television . The new Bose Solo TV comes as a sound bar or projector but with more depth, so we can place it directly under the TV. The system is completely self-powered, so you just have to connect the audio cable from the TV and plug it into the power outlet. The design follows the line of the rest of the Bose catalog , with a discreet black finish. Solo TV is already in our country, with a sale price of 400 euros .


As televisions have become narrower, their ability to reproduce sound has been diminished for obvious reasons: with few exceptions, the shallow depth of most flat-screen TVs makes it impossible to install speakers that offer decent sound . This makes those of us who care about audio quality look for options to enjoy a good cinema experience. The most advisable thing is, without a doubt, to connect the television to a 5.1 home cinema equipment . Those who do not want to complicate their life with the installation or simply do not want to be surrounded by speakers can also resort to bars or sound projectors, an option also very to consider. Bars or projectors are easily placed in front of or under the television, where the DVD or Blu-ray player would be , or the center speaker of a 5.1 system . Some even have surround sound simulation and even usually include a subwoofer box in the package, although more and more equipment in the most economical range is dispensing with it, to offer a functional and easy-to-install product. And this is precisely where the new Bose Solo TV comes into play .

Bose Solo TV


The Bose Solo TV is designed as a kind of base so that the TV can be placed directly on top of the equipment. Its dimensions of 52.5 cm wide by 7 high and 30.9 deep allow you to carry TVs with bases up to 51 cm wide and 26 cm deep , which includes all 32-inch TVs , and also most of the 40 or 42 inches . In terms of weight, the Bose Solo TV weighs 4.6 kg and can safely support a load of 18 kilos , much more than any of the televisions that we will put on it weighs. If the base of the TV is larger than the surface of theOnly TV , we can put it on the shelf for the players, under the TV, or also on top, on another shelf. The point is that it is centered and next to the screen. Otherwise, it is a very discreet device but it has a design that conveys a great sense of perceived quality, as is the case with most Bose devices . Once we place it under the TV, only the speaker grill is visible , finished in the brand's usual black color, and slightly curved.



As is customary for the American firm, the list of features does not specify the internal architecture of the Bose Solo TV . What is clear is that it is equipped with four front speakers , two on each side, plus two low-frequency radiators with output on the rear panel to help the team reproduce good bass. The digital processor included in the Solo TV automatically adjusts the sound based on what you are playing and the volume at which the signal is output, thus achieving clear and intelligible dialogue, and also reducing the differences in level between soft and loud sounds like the explosions, shots or effects of action movies.


Installation and handling

Installation of the Bose Solo TV does not require any adjustment or configuration by the user. You just have to put it in the place you want, plug it into the power and connect the appropriate cable for your television. It is best to use a digital connection, either optical or coaxial , to avoid digital to analog conversions, but if our TV does not have a digital output we can also use a standard analog connection, with two RCA connectors .

Operating the Solo TV could n't be easier. The equipment includes a small and minimalist remote control with only four buttons: on / off, volume up, volume down and mute to silence the system. As simple as that.

Bose Solo TV


In the chapter on connectivity, all the inputs on the new Bose Solo TV have logically been concentrated on the rear panel. Here we will find an analog audio input with two RCA connectors (L&R) , a fiber optic digital audio input and another coaxial digital input with RCA . Below are the USB and minijack connections for technical service and finally, the socket for the power cable with the C7 or figure eight terminal .

In view of the connections of the Bose Solo TV , it is evident that in addition to the television we can also connect any other type of player that has an analog or digital audio output, although Bose recommends that the connection always be made directly to a television.



The peculiar design more in the form of a base than a sound bar makes the Bose Solo TV unique in the sector. However, if we start looking for competition, one of the first alternatives we would find would be the Yamaha YAS-101 . The YAS-101 is a conventional sound bar or projector, the kind that can be placed in front of the television. It offers surround sound simulation , 120 watts of power and three digital audio inputs. Its main attraction is its price of 300 euros , which makes it a highly recommended option.



The new Bose Solo TV is an exciting opportunity to improve the sound of our television in a simple and affordable way. The idea of ​​being able to put the television on it greatly facilitates its installation, which, on the other hand, is as simple as its handling and makes it an ideal equipment for any type of user. On the other hand, thanks to its price, the Solo TV is a gateway to the world of Bose and the excellent sound quality offered by all its equipment.


The new Bose Solo TV is now available at a price of 399 euros .

Data sheet

ModelBose Solo TV
Connectionsfiber optic digital audio input

coaxial digital audio input

2 x RCA analog audio input

Dimensions52.5 cm wide

12 '' depth

7 cm high

Weight4.6 kg
Maximum weight supported18 kg
Remote control dimensions10.4 cm long

4 cm wide

1.1 cm depth

Accessories includedremote control

power cord

fiber optic digital audio cable

coaxial digital audio cable

RCA analog audio cable


400 euros
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On November 22, we presented Guillermo Vázquez Iscar, Bose Marketing Manager for Spain , with the Home Cinema of the Year Award for the Bose Solo TV soundbar . award 2012 Bose Solo TV

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