These are the zte phones that are updated to Android 7.0

ZTE Axon 7 screen on

A leak discovers the phones of the Chinese brand ZTE that will be updated to Android 7.0 Nougat . Unfortunately, if the rumors come true, we could run out of the appetizing novelty of the android nougat in many of its terminals. Although their catalog is not very large, only their most powerful devices will get the new software.

At a time when the optimization of the operating system helps smaller mobiles to improve their performance, technology companies are beginning to bet on being up-to-date in terms of the Android version. This is the case with ZTE.

What devices would get Nougat ?

Since the launch of the Axon family  , ZTE  has begun to rub shoulders with the more experienced brands. It has achieved this by thinking of a target audience with much more knowledge in mobile technology; a potential client who takes care of aspects such as having his cell phone updated.

In addition to the ZTE Axon Max that will already come with the operating system as standard - and would update to 7.1 at the same time as its brothers do to v7.0 - between mid and late 2017, the following models would also embrace the seven:

Android 7.0 Nougat Mascot

ZTE Blade V7:  Although they are only rumors, solid, but rumors, the successor to the multi-seller Blade V6 will be worthy of the aforementioned Nougat . Although the Blade V8 Pro was unveiled at CES , the V7 is a great option; and more knowing that he will be among the chosen ones. In principle, the Lite version is excluded , as expected.

ZTE Max Pro: The six-inch giant - and I say "giant" because the phablet still sounds a bit strange - will also supposedly be on the list. With an affordable price, a screen of its size and Android 7.0, it is a purchase to consider if you do not need something more than a mid-range, because, although it can move several applications at the same time without problems, its 2 GB of RAM limits us certain operations.

ZTE Nubia Z11: A mobile that could compete with the greats thanks to its premium features -in its two versions, basic or advanced-. The showy Z11 would make its frameless Full HD display available to Google's latest mobile software update.

ZTE Nubia Z11 gold

For now these are the models that would change Marshmallow for Nougat. Or they will include it as standard as the Axon Max. They may seem few, but while this information is confirmed, surely ZTE is already thinking about introducing 7.0 in many more of its devices. Gone are the days when ZTE was a brand linked, in Spain, to Movistar's offers, to become a reference in the mid-range -and rising-.

Although the name chosen for Android 7.0, translated as, more or less, "nougat", may seem somewhat out of date due to the dates we are in, we will have Christmas candy for all of 2017. Like the dragees, which we still have from 2011.