The key dates for paying taxes in 2018

The key dates for paying taxes in 2018

A new year begins and with it a new period to deal with our tax obligations. It is possible that many of you still have a hangover from the return or payment of last year's taxes. The truth is that it will not be long before we have to resort to the PADRE program again and face the Treasury. The entire taxpayer's general calendar for this 2018 is available on the Tax Agency website. However, if you want to keep in mind some key dates , from we will give you a detailed list so that you do not miss when the time comes .

April 5: Income 2018 campaign starts

The declaration campaign affects practically all citizens every year without exception. Only those who do not meet the minimum income or those who collect non-contributory pensions are released. The best thing is that you keep in mind all the deadlines so that you do not miss the paperwork. The most prudent thing is to make the declaration as soon as possible. Think that in the end you will have to do it yes or yes. If what you want is to play with time to pay at the most appropriate moment, it is convenient for you to know all the details. April 5 is the day that this year's Income campaign starts. That day you can request the draft (IRPF 2017) and confirm it online.

If you agree with the draft, you can file the return immediately online. The normal thing is that the Tax Agency considers it valid automatically.

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May 10: Presentation of the Income in person

If you prefer to wait to make the declaration in person, you will have to be patient until May 10 . Although for now it has not been specified, this date coincides with other years with the possibility of making an appointment. It is a simpler procedure for those who do not handle new technologies very well and require someone specialized to help them.

June 26: deadline for declarations to be filed

Very attentive because June 26 is a key date for those taxpayers who know that their return will result in entering with direct debit. That day is the last to present the draft, either through the Internet or in person. If you know that you are going to pay, we recommend that you hurry with the presentation process. Treasury will give you 4 days less than the rest of the taxpayers . In this way, you will avoid possible sanctions.

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June 30: end of the 2018 Income campaign

June 30 will be the deadline for all taxpayers to submit the 2018 Income Tax return. All returns, whether they have already been delivered in person or electronically, will have to be delivered that day. If not, the Tax Agency will sanction with a fine. Therefore, we insist that you be very attentive at all times to all dates to keep this issue very present. Make the 2018 Income Statement as soon as possible.

December 31: payment of declarations

December 31 is the last day that the Tax Agency has to refund the amount of your return. In case, logically, that you have returned. This means that until then you have to wait to have the money. If after that date you have not received it, then you can ask the Treasury for accounts. They are obliged to pay you, so if they are delayed you will have to add an extra for late payment interest to the amount of the refund.

Other taxes


The payment of the IBI is mandatory in all cities. This tax is levied on the value of all types of properties. Both urban and those in rural areas. This includes from a flat to a house, passing through a lot, parking lot or airport. The term to pay this tax varies depending on the city in which you are. In Madrid, for example, the IBI payment is made this year from October 1 to November 30. In Barcelona, ​​the date to pay direct debit bills will be from May 4 to October 1. Those not domiciled from June 1 to September 2.

In other cities like Valencia, you can pay the IBI from March 1 to May 2. Likewise, in Malaga the first payment can be made between April 1 and June 5. The second payment between August 3 and October 5 for non-domiciled bills. You can check all the dates depending on your location here.


Road tax

Since it is a municipal tax, the payment of the road tax is made in the town hall of your locality. The most convenient thing is to direct the payment and have it charged to your bank account once a year. However, you can also wait for the payment letter to arrive and pay it at the bank or at the town hall itself. Logically, within the established date. The road tax is valid from January 1 to December 31 of the following year . Typically, it is loaded in the last quarter of the year. Thus, if you pay at the end of 2017, the tax will take effect on January 1, 2018. The amount will vary depending on the type of vehicle and power. Prices can range from 13 euros to 112 euros.

Corporation tax

This tax is paid through form 200. It is an annual tax that must be submitted by all legal entities, including entities or associations. The deadline to present in 2018 the model 200 of the Tax of Societies in Treasury goes from the 1 to the 25 of July. For its part, the deadline to present the model 202 for Companies is from April 1 to 20, October 1 to 22 and December 1 to 20.