Renta WEB, how the system works to present the 2017 Income Statement

Renta WEB, how the system works to present the 2017 Income Statement

A couple of years ago, the Tax Agency decided to pass the PADRE Program to a better life. That software that we used for a long time to prepare our income tax return. Today this system is already part of the past, so that all taxpayers will have to present their accounts to the Treasury through the Renta WEB service .

This system is much more agile than the PADRE program, because it allows us to carry out all the procedures from the browser itself. Today that the 2017 Income campaign begins is a good time to take a look at the system. Next, we will give you all the keys so that you can make the declaration as easily as possible .

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How Renta WEB works to file the return

First of all, you should know that to start with the procedures for the 2017 Income declaration you must obtain a reference number. Which is the one you will use while the process lasts. This request is quite fast and you can do it through the information in box 450. However, if you are interested, here are instructions to order the draft without box 450. You can do it both through the web, and through the new application that the Tax Agency has released for this year's campaign.

When you have obtained the reference number, you can access the draft. If your declaration does not have too many complications, you can confirm it from the application itself . You will not need more. But if you have to add data, you will have to access the Renta Web system. Although you can use the mobile browser, we recommend that you do it from a computer. It will always be more comfortable for you.

To do this, access the Tax Agency page, within the 2017 Income section. Click on the option Draft / return processing service (WEB Income). The system will ask you to identify yourself. And you can do it with your reference number, or if you prefer, through the Cl @ ve PIN system or with an electronic certificate , if you have it installed.

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Automatic loading of the draft through Renta WEB

In principle you will not have to do anything, because the draft and tax data will be automatically uploaded to the RENTA WEB system. This means that as soon as you access, you will have all the information entered. It will be necessary, yes, that you begin to review each and every one of the data, in order to make the corrections and additions that you consider .

Be careful, at this point remember that, if you are going to make the joint return with your spouse , it will be necessary for you to also enter their personal data. To obtain the draft you will need the same data and then you will only have to add it to the system, so that everything computes together.

Keep in mind that the information that the Tax Agency has does not have to be complete. So it is important that you review it thoroughly, going page by page to check that everything is correct . In this sense, it is vital that you check all personal data, as well as other concepts related to cadastral references, union dues, deductions, pension plans, bank returns, etc.

When you have finished entering and checking all the data, it will only be necessary to click on the File return button. But be careful. There is a tab called 'Notices and errors' , from which the taxpayer is alerted to possible mistakes or sections that need corrections. When you are totally sure of everything, you will have to make sure that you have a good bank account (it is essential, whether you pay or return). Finally, click on the button File declaration .