G DATA Internet Security 2019, we have tested it

G Data Internet Security 2019, we tested the security solution

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Theft of private data, hacks, viruses, banking Trojans ... Threats develop at high speed and attacks are more sophisticated and dangerous, in many cases based on malware that has already been created. To cope with them, security companies have to put the same effort into making their solutions increasingly intelligent and complex . That is exactly what happens with G DATA and its Internet Security 2019 security suite. A program that maintains the same interface and ease of use, but incorporates new technology to protect the user. Deep Ray, an artificial intelligence tool that is capable of analyzing a large number of factors to protect the user from any attack before it damages the equipment.

In fact, it was created taking into consideration one of the most widespread trends in recent times. Malware obfuscation. This consists of the creation of new threats from pre-existing malware. A type of attack that does not require great technical knowledge, which causes many cybercriminals to emerge who would not be able to reach that far in other circumstances. In addition to this technology, we have the security tools that we have already enjoyed in previous versions, such as firewalls, antispam protection, email checking or protection against banking Trojans. We tell you about our experience with the G DATA Internet Security 2019, which you can buy for a price starting at 35 euros for a device and a year of use.


Commissioning and main novelties

If you already have an active license for G DATA Internet Security 2018, the update process is very simple. Within the program itself, a notification will appear explaining that there is a program update available. After a few minutes loading the components and a restart, you will be able to use the new version. In addition, in the update window itself you will see the main news that comes with this delivery.


DeepRay technology to detect disguised malware

Malware has come a long way, but many times the threats that penetrate your PC are just old malware with new modules. Hence the talk of “disguised malware”, which could also be considered an updated virus or Trojan capable of carrying out new actions. The problem is that the pace of creation of these pieces is very fast, and many times there is no time to register the malicious program before it has completed its task of infecting your computer. In fact, it is generally an update of a threat that had already been successfully fought, but by creating this new disguise it is able to re-infect the PC.

That's where the new DeepRay technology in G DATA security solutions comes in. This artificial intelligence tool creates a neural network that analyzes suspicious processes globally. And it does so with an algorithm that is constantly updated and learns from the threats it finds to protect the user more effectively. When analyzing, it uses 150 different factors to discover some behavior that belongs to a virus. For example, by analyzing the relationship between file size and executable code or compiler version.

Once it detects suspicious behavior, it is able to match it with an existing malware family to identify the kernel and block it before it damages the PC.

Other improvements

In addition to this tool, other important aspects have also been improved. For example, protection while browsing programs like Microsoft Edge. We also have a higher scanning speed , something that is appreciated for not having to absorb PC resources for so long. Nor should we ignore the improvement in protection against so-called Fileless Malware. These are attacks that do not depend on the existence of a physical file, since they target RAM memory directly.


Security Center, G DATA BankGuard and protection against keyloggers

If you are already a G DATA user, you will not notice any difference in the interface. The company has found a modern design that is very pleasing to the eye and very well laid out. Of course, keeping in mind to disturb the user as little as possible with a few messages (unless a threat is found or user action is required) and with a fairly reasonable use of PC resources.

On the main screen we have an overview of the security status of the equipment and the latest actions carried out by the program.

In the Security Center is where we can activate or deactivate the different tools that the program has. In the upper part we can switch between the different tools that the program has. They are Virus Protection, Firewall, Backup, and Boot Protection.

On the right side of this center we find three tools that the G DATA suite has been incorporating and that are very useful: BankGuard, Protection against keyloggers and Exploit Protection.


G DATA BankGuard

It is one of the great advances of the last years of the German company. It is a module specifically designed to protect the user from dangerous banking Trojans. These Trojans have proliferated widely and their effects are quite harmful. BankGuard is intended to intercept so-called man in the middle or man in the middle attacks.

Usually, banking Trojans attack the communication between the user and the bank, so that when we write down our passwords or try to interact with the bank, the Trojan acts to steal the passwords and take control of our account. That's where G DATA BankGuard stands up for us.

Protection against keyloggers

Another interesting tool that G DATA has incorporated is the one that protects us against keyloggers. These are programs that track all the activity we carry out on the keyboard and are capable of extracting passwords and user names on web pages and other services.

Exploit Protection

Finally, protection against exploits. These programs are the key to cybercriminals. What they do is finish our team looking for applications that are not up to date . or the operating system itself. For what? To find security holes that we have not covered with the manufacturer's security patches. G DATA does the same process but covers the security holes so that exploits cannot exploit them.

g-data-internet-security-2019 antivirus

Virus protection

Virus Protection is what scans your computer's memory for threats. From here we have the option of carrying out an analysis of a part of the PC or of the entire PC . It is also advisable to configure the program to scan every so often, even if real-time protection is enabled. It is one more layer of security that is not bad at all.

Another very useful tool that we have here is to analyze interchangeable media, that is, USB sticks and other types of peripherals . We can also check for rootkits. These types of programs have in common with exploits that they are a key to the malware that comes later (if they do not have it incorporated). What they do is try to gain administrator permissions to later install viruses on our PC.



The firewall is a basic tool that every user should have. It is a program that blocks any behavior that may be susceptible to viruses. The key here is knowing how to choose a balance between security and the times that G DATA will alert us  that a process is going to be executed or the configuration of a network is going to be changed. If you are not an advanced user, the autopilot mode can be perfect so that it is not annoying.

g-data-internet-security-2019 backup


It is something that is usually taken care of very little, despite the importance of many of our files. And I also speak from my own experience. Through this tool of G DATA Internet Security 2019 we can create a backup of our important files or even a whole disk drive.

This copy can be saved locally or via a cloud file system (the two platforms that are available are Google Drive and Dropbox). Once the elements have been chosen, we can choose the time in which the copy is going to take place.


Boot Manager

Finally, the autostart manager is a tool that used to be very useful, but if you have already moved to Windows 10 it may become somewhat obsolete (you can do it directly in Windows settings).

On the left you will see the processes that open directly when you start the computer, while on the right you will be able to select those programs that you do not need to load as soon as you turn on the PC. In this way, they will only open when the equipment is at rest, thereby saving a few seconds.


Price and reviews

The G DATA  Internet Security 2019 security suite starts at a price of 35 euros for one year and one device . In short, we are facing a security solution that improves different aspects each year but already maintains a very solid base. Like many other services, it has moved to a system in which the updates are regular but you do not have to buy the following year's program to enjoy the latest news. As long as you have an active license, of course.

The main novelty, DeepRay, is a very promising tool that addresses the growing trend to create modular pieces of malware that disguise themselves with new functions and attacks but that have the same core . For the rest, we have a complete and silent program that does not bother much (something that some antivirus do fall into) and that has a fairly low consumption of resources.

If what you are looking for is an even more complete solution with password manager and system optimizer, you have the G DATA Total Protection 2019.