Special Summary 2009 - The Year of Windows 7


If we can say anything about 2009, it is that this has been the year of Windows 7 , Microsoft's operating system . Now more than a year ago, we already announced that it would be among us at the end of 2009 and we even speculated about the possibility that it would be faster than Windows Vista, undoubtedly the most failed operating system of the Redmond multinational .The fact is that a day after Steve Ballmer's speech at the opening of the CES 2009 fair , Windows 7 was made available to users in beta until February 10, just when the free download period ended .


Meanwhile we learned that Windows 7 would have up to five different versions and we gave the keys to install it on our computer without losing the previous operating system . And the improvements, over its reviled predecessor Windows Vista , did not wait. In fact, the first impressions were remarkably good and we learned that with Windows 7 we could play QuickTime videos without installing any programs , deactivating Internet Explorer and other Microsoft programs, or using a zoom function using gestures.through Internet Explorer .

Already close to the date of its launch, Microsoft put the batteries to go officially on sale from October 22 . Before that happened, the company already had 80,000 drivers ready to work with almost all the existing hardware , perhaps applying that of better prevention than cure . But all these measures did not seduce the companies. In fact, six out of ten have already decided not to have Windows 7 installed on their computers . It has not helped at all that the price of the operating system is twice as expensive in Europe , although here it is being sold à la carte , or evenuse more battery than Windows Vista in the case of notebooks.


Even so, over the months it has been shown that sales of Windows 7 have skyrocketed . Since October 22 and with prior promotion in the Asturian town of Sietes , in November the operating system sales already exceeded those achieved by Windows Vista at startup . Until then China has already invented the pirated version of the system and there are those who already speculate about the next bell that Windows will give shortly . It's called Windows 8 , and if true, it's a rumor that won't come true until 2012 .