New Samsung WB110, compact camera with x26 optical zoom

New Samsung WB110, compact camera with optical zoom x26 1

The Korean company Samsung has just presented a new compact camera , with a bridge format , with a series of really interesting features, such as a 26x optical zoom, which starts at an angle of 22.3 mm, and 20 Mp , which results more than enough for most users. In this way it offers the public an intelligent relay for the WB100, which had 16 Mp.

Other outstanding specifications are its video mode, with 720p AVC / H.264, which can record video in MP4 at 30fps, and also has the help of a Smart Auto mode to take photos and videos with parameters already optimized, so that it is it is the camera itself that analyzes and adjusts the photograph, which is undoubtedly appreciated by those who are new to using this type of camera. The ISO sensitivity can be set in different degrees: 80, 100, 200, 400, 800 and a maximum of 3600. The Live Panorama function allows you to capture panoramic images and check them in advance, before saving them in the camera.

For on-site viewing, there is a 3-inch HVGA LCD screen with a resolution of 440 x 360 pixels. It is powered by four AA batteries and, in terms of storage, it has an SD slot compatible with SDSCSDHC (which can go up to 32 Gb) and  SDXC (perfectly up to 64 Gb) cards  . The buttons are evenly distributed throughout its casing, which greatly facilitates its use and makes it very comfortable. This camera includes i-Launcher software to link with the PC.

New Samsung WB110, compact camera with optical zoom x26 2

The dimensions of this camera are 114.48 x 79.26 x 86.45 mm, and it has a total price of 385 grams without not counting the battery. Samsung has not yet announced the release date or the final price that its new bridge will have.

Samsung's WB series consists of cameras equipped with long-range zoom. This particular model offers the necessary features to photograph distant objects and landscapes in great detail, as well as obtaining very sharp and vivid images. A device that, in addition, is capable of displaying images taken with great fidelity on its screen, almost under any lighting condition.