, new Netflix speed test for any Internet connection

Today we need a good connection to watch content online. In fact, the normal thing is to have a connection of 30 megabytes at home, 100 or even 300 megabytes optimized to the maximum to enjoy a good multimedia experience without interruptions, play on the Internet, enjoy YouTube and many services that we use in the day a day.

From Netflix , one of the streaming series platforms par excellence, they are aware of this and that is why they have developed a speed test that will help us to know in what state our connection is and if it would help us to enjoy without any kind of cuts .

Surely many of us have tried to squeeze our router to the fullest on more than one occasion, we have restarted it since 'this is not going well, better a little reset' or we have even investigated if the neighbor has managed to discover our WiFi password and is taking advantage., the new Netflix speed test, will answer practically all of this .

Forget about web pages in which we have to run a flash plug-in, which if it bothers us with ping or upload speed. Although there may be some debate since it only shows one piece of information, in the only thing we are going to know is the download speed of our connection . And this is done by connecting to Netflix's own platform to see how that service would work for us.


A simple and decisive test

Netflix requires good bandwidth to enjoy all the content on its platform, since what we do is streaming. Keep in mind that both high definition movies and those in 4K have a considerable weight in megabytes, so our connection must give the chest so that we are not cut off. To prevent us from pulling our hair when the screen freezes at that important moment of what we are seeing - yes, it is always when something interesting is going to happen - they have developed a speed test.

From we can check if we will have a satisfactory experience with Netflix. And what this page does is download content from that platform, so we will check how our connection performs, something that we can extrapolate to any other service, since that will be the speed we will have to do anything : from watching videos on YouTube , to Netflix through online games.

And it is that watching content on Netflix is ​​as if we downloaded it, so the web will only offer us that information. That is, only tells us how much our download speed is going, it does not care about the upload and much less our ping . Only that data is important.

What's more, they have simplified it to the point that when entering it does not ask us for anything. Not even giving a sad button, once we type the address in our browser it will simply run and tell us the health and real speed of our connection. What else do we need to enjoy Netflix?