How to watch the final of Operación Triunfo 2018 online

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The final of Operación Triunfo 2018 (OT 2018) is just around the corner. There are only two days left for Roberto Leal, the presenter of the famous talent show, to say the name of the winner of the second edition of OT in La 1 among the five finalists (Famous, Alba, Natalia, Sabela and Julia). Given the interest of seeing the final live, many users wonder how to watch the gala online, live and relatively easily. That is why on this occasion we will teach you to watch the final of Operación Triunfo online both through the computer and by mobile or tablet In Spain and from abroad.

See the OT final online within Spain

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If we do not have a television and we want to see the final of the contest on our device, we can do it in three ways as long as we are in Spain, since the official broadcast is currently restricted to this country.

RTVE website

The simplest and most stable way to watch Operación Triunfo live is by using the Radio Televisión Española website . In this link we can access to see the programming online and live.

Of course, we must bear in mind that the delay with respect to the original broadcast on television is several minutes (around 2 or 3 depending on the connection). Another aspect to highlight is that due to the volume of visits to the website, it is likely that it will suffer a drop as has already happened in previous galas.

RTVE application

The second way to see OT live is through its official application for Android and iOS. Although it is true that the application replicates the interface and the operation of its website, it is the most direct way to see the gala 13 online through mobile .

As with the website, it is likely that it will suffer some drop during the broadcast due to the volume of visits.

External pages

If the above options have not worked for us due to a service outage , we can resort to external pages that stream the broadcast live .

To access these types of pages, it is advisable to use an ad blocker due to the high ad content. We leave you with some of the best known:

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See the OT final online outside of Spain from abroad

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If we reside outside of Spain, we want to see the Operación Triunfo gala and we do not have a TV with La 1 Internacional tuned in, we can use three options depending on our preferences.

Tor browser

Perhaps the most complex option to watch the OT final live is to resort to the Tor browser , known for being the browser to enter the Deep Web. Installing and configuring it to simulate the location in Spain can take a few minutes. In this article we show you how to do it.

Once configured correctly, we will be able to access the RTVE website without blocking problems .

Free VPN

If we do not want to install any browser, the second option to watch OT outside of Spain is to use free VPNs . In short, it is a bridge that allows us to simulate our location in other countries. The downside is that most free VPNs have a browsing data limit , and not all have servers in Spain.

In this other article we can see a list of several free VPNs. When we have configured them in our browser or system, we can enter the TVE website without location blocks.

External websites

We don't want to install any of the above? The simplest thing is to access external websites. The ones we have linked above are valid for watching TVE live , although some are based on the player inserted from the official website. The best thing is to try one by one to see which one lets us see OT 2018 live from abroad.