Apalabrados, another mobile game turned into a board game

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We could safely say that one of the most successful mobile phone and tablet games of 2012 has been Sponsored . This kind of Scrabble of the digital age has hooked millions of people who come together online , fighting real language battles. Now, this game has made the leap to the board with a special table edition that promises to be one of the sensations as a gift this Christmas .

Such has been the success of Apalabrados , that some even dedicate themselves to playing it during working hours , like some politicians in our country. That is why the Diset company has decided to launch the board game version of Apalabrados , so that playing with family and friends is no longer so cold. Now we can all sit down together to see who gets the most points by creating words. Interestingly, another blockbuster game, Angry Birds , also made the leap to board games last year. However, the curious thing about Apalabradosis that it has become a board game, born as an application inspired precisely by another board game, the famous  Scrabble .

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Therefore, the dynamics of Apalabrados in the board game is the same as that of the application for mobiles and tablets , although having rivals right in front of us adds more tension to the games. Of course, one of the greatest advantages of playing this new version of Apalabrados , is to check if that opponent who has given you so many headaches, is really that good, or did the odd cheat to create certain words and add a good one amount of points.

As in other types of crossword games , the player will have to interweave different meanings in order to add points. The player with the most points at the end of the game will win. Diset has created an online dictionary especially for this version , in which you can check if the words entered are correct or not. In the application they can be known instantly, but thanks to this method it will not take us long to check to know if a word is correctly entered.

This Apalabrados board game could be a good option as a Christmas gift , which will surely make those fans of the game excited that they do not stop typing words with their mobile or tablet. Apalabrados board game includes 97 index cards , 4 lecterns to place chips a game board a bag to collect the chips and corresponding instructions of use. Diset recommends its use for ages 8 to 99 . The game can be found in department stores at an approximate price of 20 euros.

If you still do not know apalabrados, we will leave you with direct links to download free application for iPhone and Android . Its mechanics allow you to play games against rivals from all over the world, friends or family, and chat at the same time.

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