Common Netflix problems and how to fix them


We know that you are passionate about Netflix , but not so much about running into the odd problem. Sometimes you will ask yourself: Is Netflix down? Are these failures only happening to me? Relax, it is very possible that in the end it will end up being something unimportant. Our article today is dedicated to precisely that, to arm yourself with patience, learn about the most common Netflix problems and how to fix them.

Many people end up wondering if Netflix is down because of one of the following errors:

  • Sorry, we cannot give you access to the service. Please try again later
  • Can't connect to Netflix
  • Unable to access
  • Netflix is not available
  • Android error : connection error

Netflix problems

If you want to know if Netflix is down, you can use DownDetector . This website will help you to check where in the world people are having problems when using the service. Another option is to enter the official Netflix Twitter account in Spain and find out if someone reports a problem or there are other users who are experiencing the same thing as you. If the problems persist and prevent you from enjoying your favorite movie, either because you see the video wrong, or it takes a long time for the content to start, this may be due to a poor Internet connection.This problem is very common, especially when you are sharing the Internet connection with other devices. In this case, we recommend that you do a speed test to see if you have the minimum speed required to view content, either in SD or HD .

Here's how to fix many problems with Netflix streaming :

  • Restart the iPhone , Smart TV , game console or whatever device you are using to stream Netflix .
  • Restart the router. Unplug it for 60 seconds, then plug it back in.
  • Check where the router is located. If it's hidden behind something, move it to a higher place with no objects in front of it.

Two of the most common problems when using Netflix on the iPhone or iPad are errors 1011 and 1012. The first thing you should try to do is restart the Netflix application . Open the iPhone settings and scroll down until you see the app. Tap on it and click on reset and the Home button. Open Netflix again and start it again. If this does not solve the problem, try restarting the iPhone or iPad . If it doesn't work either, the next step is to remove the Netflix app and install it again.

If you have shared your Netflix password with others, or if the connection is suddenly lost, a message may appear stating: “Your Netflix account is in use on another device. Please stop playing on other devices to continue ”. You can check who is connected to your account. If you need to disconnect someone with whom you do not want to share an account, you can change the password and then go to the Netflix website, My account, Sign out of all devices . This process can take several hours to complete.

To change your password, go to Netflix and click My Account. Then click Change password . Enter your old and new password. This section is where you can choose which users you want to access with the new password and which ones not. If you have forgotten your Netflix password, you can reset it by clicking Forgot your password on the login page. You can choose if you want to reset it by email, text or a voice call.