The blue Samsung Galaxy S3 will arrive shortly

samsung galaxy s3 04

The long-awaited flagship of the Korean firm Samsung has already made its triumphant appearance on the markets. So much so, that since yesterday you have it available through the main operators in the country ( Vodafone, Movistar, Yoigo and Orange ) and you will soon be able to purchase it through the official Samsung website in Spain , within the virtual store itself. Yesterday, however, we were missing something very important: the Pebble Blue model that Samsung had presented at its London conference and that successfully completed the white edition or Marble White.which has already entered the market. But why has the Pebble Blue edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3 been delayed ? The Korean company has already confirmed that a small manufacturing error has caused the delay, which could not be avoided, and that it has already begun to be remedied. If the calculations do not fail, the bluish version of the Samsung Galaxy S3 will hit the markets on June 7 .

Samsung Galaxy S3 Pebble 01

The Pebble Blue edition of the Samsung Galaxy S3 has experienced some issues during the manufacturing process. In fact (this has been explained in the media), some white spots hardly visible with the naked eye would have appeared , but present on the back of the device. The company would have had to destroy a whopping 600,000 external cases to apply a correct edition to the phones  and be able to go to market with guarantees. This perfectly explains why there has been an insurmountable delay in the manufacture of the shells. This small bump has been a setback in the process, despite the fact that the company quickly got down to work to replace all the units. It is therefore expected that the first Samsung Galaxy S3 in Blue Pebble color will arrive during the first week of June , without any supply problems for markets such as Spain.

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One of Samsung's main concerns is to bring all the necessary units to the markets, taking into account that the Samsung Galaxy S3 has become - since its introduction - the most reserved mobile phone on the planet. With more than nine million units sold from the start, Samsung will have to deal with a veritable flood of requests from users around the world. It should also be taken into account that these figures have not calculated sales from the United States , but only those from Europe and the rest of the continents.

The Samsung Galaxy S3 arrives in US territory will have a chip 4G / LTE , so be specially made according to the standards of the country connectivity . In such a short time, the Korean could have surpassed all the records and expectations proposed , especially considering that 20 million units of the Samsung Galaxy S2 have been sold  in all these months, since its presentation. Before going on sale, the Samsung Galaxy S3 would have already reached half the record.