Twitter now allows you to follow specific topics

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Continuing with the Twitter roadmap in the update calendar of its official application, the company has launched a new function that allows us to follow certain topics on the blue bird social network . Days ago we saw how a new commercial policy was announced from the company that would lead to integrating an even greater number of advertisements within their respective official clients. After passing the trial period, Jack Dorsey's application now brings what is probably one of the biggest updates in recent months.

Follow specific topics on Twitter with Topics

Twitter Topics is the name under which this new feature has been launched. As if it were a news feed, now the official application for Android and iOS allows you to follow certain keywords to be aware of the latest tweets in relation to the topic of the keyword in question. This is especially useful if we want to follow the outcome of a soccer match or the development of a certain event, such as electoral days or the recent riots in Chile and Barcelona.

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The operation of this new function is very simple. From The Verge they explain that it will be enough to carry out a search through the application search engine for one or more words that are related to an event, theme or hashtag. Automatically the same application will suggest us to follow the topic that for the most prominent tweets are shown in our feed or Twitter wall through a new icon that will reveal that we are facing a Topic.

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To unpin them again we just have to press and hold the tweet in question and select the homonymous option. The good news is that we can follow as many topics as we want , although these will be displayed in chronological order.

Will it make it to the desktop version of Twitter? At the moment it is a mystery. We have tried the same process within the Twitter page in Google Chrome and the function seems to be inactive . However, it is likely that Twitter decides to limit this new option to the official client for Android and iOS, as we have already seen with drafts or the possibility of saving tweets. For now, we will have to wait for it to reach the mobile application.

Via | The Verge