Zona, the replacement for Popcorn Time, to watch and download free movies and TV series


Viewing and downloading multimedia content over the Internet using torrents is becoming easier and easier. Last March Popcorn Time was born , also known as the Netflix of pirates ; a simple solution for streaming and downloading movies based on the BitTorrent protocol . This open source project has had a fleeting life , because the developers ended up abandoning it just over a week ago without giving explanations. Now Zona takes over , a Russian initiative that also uses torrents to stream and download movies, television series and other content. Zoneit goes even further, because it not only offers software for Windows but also a version for Android .

Zona works with the most popular trackers, and it already has more than half a million torrents located. Instead Popcorn Time operated only with the YIFI-torrents database . The Internet user can watch the movie in streaming or download it . In the latter case, you can start watching it without having to wait for the download to complete. Obviously, the download will be faster the more sources there are. For now, Zone provides access to over 65.000 movies , 5.000 TV series and one million songs . Likewise, it allows you to enjoy 550 Internet radio stationsand 300 Internet television stations . Includes a


And sports fans can access live Internet broadcasts of football matches, but they can also download matches already concluded. The only downside is that the website is in Russian , so the translator will have to be used. Anyway, the contents are easy to identify by the cover. Besides, the title in English appears below.

The Zona software can be downloaded from their website , and is in English. It occupies 27.8 MB and is very easy to install. After installing it, you need to allow its access through the firewall. It is free and without advertising . Nor is it financed by SMS (short messages). It allows you to subscribe to television series and sporting events. All you have to do is leave the software open to receive notifications , and the contents appear every time a new chapter of the favorite series is released.

The interface is quite clear. The contents within the Zone are classified by sections: Movies, TV Series, TV Channels, Music, Radio, Sports and Games . The user can also locate them through the search bar on the top left. Just click on the cover of any content to access a complete file . In the case of movies and TV series, you can choose whether you want to watch or download it, with information on the file size and available sources. In addition to the title, other information (in English) about the genre, year, country of origin, director, duration and a short synopsis are shown. Sometimes the names and photos of the actors also appear. There are porn movies , but adult content can be filtered in homes with children.