How to download old tax data and the 2016 income statement

How to download your tax data from past years from the web

To get our tax information, it is no longer necessary to go to a physical office of the Tax Agency. In fact, it is not even necessary to make the income tax return in person . The vast majority of users or their managers work through the online platform.

Until very recently they did it through the famous PADRE program . With this tool extinct, everyone connects through the Internet to do most of the tasks from home. Or from any office, remotely.

One of the first things that the user must do before starting to work with the income statement for each year is to download the tax data . This information is provided directly by the Tax Agency. So downloading it is very easy. Just have a simple reference number.

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How to download old tax data and 2016 Income

Even if time has passed, you may need to download your tax data for 2016. And even a copy of the 2016 Income Statement. These are the ones that would correspond to last year.

1. The first thing you have to do is retrieve your reference number. You may still have it saved in an SMS on your mobile. But if not, you will have to request it again.

2. Access the Income page. Once inside, click on the option Obtain the reference number . We recommend you use the option that allows you to obtain it through the information in box 440 of the 2015 Income Tax. Although you can also do it through an electronic certificate. Or with the Cl @ ve Pin system.

3. If you choose the code in box 440 (without a doubt, it is much faster), you will have to insert these data : DNI / NIE, Box 440 (look for it in the 2015 Income Statement) and mobile phone. If you do not have this information, it will be difficult for you to recover your access.

4. Tap Get referral. You will receive an SMS to your mobile phone from the AEAT . Use this code to insert it into the Return Query section.

5. In addition to checking the status of your return from last year (most likely by now you have already obtained the refund), you will have access to a lot of information related to your income data from last year .

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Once inside this section, you will have the opportunity to perform different data downloads. The first thing you can do is check your tax data. By clicking here you can take a look at your 2016 Tax Data .

This includes all the information related to the identification data, economic activities, census data on economic activities for 2016, contributions to special regimes, loans and credits, installment payments, cadastral information and any other deduction that corresponds to you .

This is all the information that the Tax Agency has about you. Something like the draft that you can usually download. 

You can also consult and modify your identification and census data. It is the address that you have indicated and that is known to the Tax Agency. In addition to the stipulated address for communications. These data can be easily changed from the web.

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Download a copy of the 2016 declaration

But this is not the only thing you can do. At the bottom you also have a link from which you can easily download a copy of your return from last year. This document is important, because they could request it at any time, if you have to apply for a loan or need to do any other important task.

In the File History area, click on Declaration recording. Clicking here will open a document in the browser. It is your 2016 Income Statement. Save the document on your computer. And make sure you have it on hand when requesting the reference number for this year's income tax return.