How to import favorites or bookmarks from Opera to Chrome

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The web browser Opera is one of the oldest among the wide range that exists in the network, ranging from the classic Internet Explorer from Microsoft , through Firefox from Mozilla or latest Chrome from Google . However, and despite the fact that Opera was widely accepted in its day (it still remains in its version for smartphones ), the truth is that its popularity has plummeted in recent times, currently representing just over 2% of the market share of the most used browsers.

Chrome is one of the main culprits for having caused a spectacular stampede of users from Opera to the Google browser . And it is that Chrome is even getting dangerously close to Internet Explorer, motivating Microsoft to carry out aggressive campaigns to advertise its browser, something unthinkable (for being unnecessary) a few years ago. If you are one of those who has changed Opera for Chrome and you have problems importing all your bookmarks (favorites) to this new browser, keep reading because we are going to detail the solution in three very easy steps.

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The Opera bookmarks to being incompatible with Chrome can not be imported directly because Chrome only gives you the option of importing from Internet Explorer or Firefox. Therefore, we will have to deceive the Google browser by entering its domains by another way.

First we go to our Opera browser and click on the top left on the button that says precisely "Opera" . Once clicked, a series of options will appear, we must select where it says "markers" (fourth option). Now we will have displayed a sub-menu with more options, well, you have to click where it says "Manage bookmarks" (second option). Once inside, select the last option that says "File" and then click on "Export bookmarks as HTML" . The classic window for saving a file will then open . In this file will be all our bookmarksOpera that we will later import to Chrome , so it should be saved in an easy place to remember.

Opera export

The next step leads us to open Internet Explorer , which is installed by default on most Windows computers . If not, you can download and install it from the Microsoft website . Well, once inside Internet Explorer you have to click on the star-shaped icon at the top left . Then click on the arrow right next to "Add Favorites" and select  "Import and Export . " Within the "Import from a file" tab , activate the "Favorites" option and then choose the pathwhere previously we have saved the Opera file that contains our bookmarks. Then we click on "Import" and we will have all of them within Internet Explorer. This is the first step to be able to import them in turn from Chrome , which is our final goal.

explorer import

The last step leads us to import from Chrome the Opera bookmarks that we have already passed to Internet Explorer . We selected within Chrome 's icon wrench (options) at the top right of the screen, then hover over "Favorites" and select the option "Import bookmarks and settings" . Then you just have to select "Internet Explorer" and hit the "Import" button , to finally have all our Opera bookmarks in Google Chrome. We hope this mini-tutorial has been helpful to you.

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