Viewsonic TD2220, Full HD touch monitor

viewsonic td2220

Monitor manufacturers are also gearing up to meet the prevailing craze for touchscreens. Viewsonic has just launched its new monitor TDT2220 with a diagonal of 22 inches , which stay in 21.5 inches of viewable area. It comes equipped with a bracket, but it can also be mounted on the wall. It is quite thin, since it occupies, without counting the base, 6.6 centimeters deep. However, at the rear of the case there is still room for two speakers , one on each side. Thus, this multimedia monitor can offer surround sound with only two speakers, thanks to SRS Premium technology. Those speakers give a total power of 2 watts.

It has a TFT LCD panel with LED backlighting that offers a Full HD resolution (1,920 by 1,080 pixels). The brightness reaches 200 candela per square meter and the native contrast is 1,000: 1 . The LEDs used are white and the panel is anti-reflective; It is also covered by a protective anti-scratch layer so that it is not affected by the friction of the fingers. The panel is quite fast with a response time of 5 milliseconds. The foot can be tilted between 20 and 5 degrees, to make it ergonomic for the user. Either way, the viewing angle it is 170 degrees horizontally and 160 degrees vertically.

viewsonic td2220

This Viewsonic multimedia monitor covers all the needs of applications that are handled by a multi- touch touch interface . Connections are distributed on the back . It has a VGA analog input , but also a DVI-D digital input for greater flexibility, since it can be paired with computers equipped with both latest-generation graphics cards and other more modest ones. One of the USB 2.0 ports (type B) is compatible with HID devices(Human Interface Devices). That means that peripherals such as a mouse, keyboard or joystick can be connected to that USB. That way, not only is it closer to hand, but the computer is also freed up. Then next to it are two other USB 2.0 Type-A ports .

On the front panel there are several buttons that give access to the monitor's setup menu. There the user can make various adjustments for contrast, brightness, color and sharpness. You can also select the input source (VGA or DVI-D). Also, you can manually adjust the position of the image (horizontally and vertically) and set the horizontal size and aspect ratio.

It has a low power eco mode that saves about 40 percent compared to other monitors of similar size. The manufacturer claims that the lifespan of the LED backlight source exceeds 40,000 hours of use. It weighs almost five kilos with the support and its dimensions (not counting the base) are 511 by 310 and by 66 millimeters. It is possible to find the Viewsonic TD2220 for sale for a price of around 330 dollars (about 260 euros).