The 5 best drones for less than 400 euros


Black Friday , Cyber ​​Monday, The Three Wise Men, Santa Claus ... We have a month ahead in which the wallet is going to lighten with gifts, whims, invisible friends ... Shopping is easy, but it is good for all of us to have one handy to find the best bargains and deals that can ease our busy end of the year. Here we leave you five of the best drones on the market for less than 400 euros.

Parrot AR. Drone 2.0 - 230 euros

One of the best machines in value for money . Easy to use and very intuitive piloting through any tablet or smartphone through its free application. It allows both recording and streaming videos in real time with your HD-720P camera . It weighs just under two kilos and has an internal memory of one gig.


DJI Phantom 2 V2.0 - 400 euros

During these days of Black Friday we can find this drone with a 35% discount (more than 200 euros of savings) on Amazon . Weighing 340 grams and less than 40 centimeters in length, it has a 5,400 milliamp rechargeable battery. It has a mount that fits all GoPro cameras that allows a very smooth video recording thanks to the three-axis gimbal.


Walkera Runner 250 - 245 euros

This quadcopter is equipped with a heavy duty, heavy duty 800TVL HD camera. It has a full carbon fiber structure, which gives it not only lightness but also resistance. It also stands out for its top speed, since it can reach up to 40 kilometers per hour. Which makes it an optimal drone to participate in air races. It has a weight of just over half a kilo and dimensions that reach half a meter high. It has a range of one kilometer and a flight autonomy of 14 minutes after a full charge of two hours.


Traxxas Aton - 355 euros

Another drone that has four propellers to move and can reach a top speed of more than 75 kilometers per hour . During these days of Black Friday it is on sale with a 10% discount. Traxxas is a popular brand that has been making high-powered, racing-oriented, remote-controlled cars for years. It has three driving modes: Expert, Sport and Movie mode. It is only in Sport mode that it reaches the highest speeds . The downside of this very competitive and inexpensive version is that it does not have a built-in camera. Although it is optimized to attach a GoPro mount. Although its autonomy is 18 minutes, its flight range is relatively short, since it does not exceed two hundred meters.


UPair One - 350 euros

This drone has a camera with the capacity to record in 2K and includes an external control to pilot it and see live images of the flight we are doing thanks to its built-in seven-inch screen. It has a range of 16 or 18 minutes and a flight range of 500 meters. Its fuselage is made entirely of PVC.