How to organize and hide computer cables

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Keeping the cables of our workstation well organized is a complicated task and it is not uncommon to find a tangle of tangled cables behind the table. No matter how few devices we have, only with the computer we already have enough cables that are necessary such as the power cable, the VGA to connect the screen, the screen power cable, the mouse, the keyboard and the Internet connection. Things get even more complicated if we add a printer, scanner or other device. There are various cable management systemsthat can be found in computer or home stores, although not all work well or are cheap. If you are interested in organizing your cables so that it is not so uncomfortable to manipulate them and they do not get tangled, we will tell you a couple of very effective home tricks.

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The first trick comes from the hand of the WikiHow tutorial website and it must be said that the system they detail has nothing to envy others that cost more money. All we need are office clips and screws to fix them to the wall or table. This system consists of fixing the clamps to any surface such as the wall, the back of the table or even under the tabletop. The choice of the place where we want to fix them will depend on the position of each of our devices and how our table is. The idea is that the cables go all together and are as hidden as possible . The clamp is fixed and the cables are placed inside,in this way they remain subject and we can hide them more easily. It is important to choose a clamp with a size large enough so that it can take all the cables that are necessary, if they do not fit all we can always use two. The advantage of this system, in addition to being very cheap, is that it allows us to remove and insert the cables as many times as we want, it is much better than adhesive tape or other systems that are fixed.

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Another of the nightmares of any lover of technology is the storage of cables, especially chargers . Any device has its own charger and sometimes even a separate USB cable. The result is that there are quite a few cables and that if we put them all together in a drawer they get tangled and it is almost impossible to remove one without carrying others behind us. The DecoraDecora website offers us a very effective and, above all, cheap system to keep cables organized. The idea is to recycle the cardboard from the rolls of toilet paper or kitchen paper, we join a few with adhesive tape so that they are well fixed and we place them inside a drawer.Each tube will serve to store a cable independently, so we make sure that no knots are made and we have them better located. With these simple tricks there are no longer any excuses for not keeping the cables in our workplace in good order, they are very effective and above all inexpensive.

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