How to request the draft of Income 2012

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From May 6 to 28, a new period opens in Spain to settle accounts with the Treasury . The Income 2012 campaign begins in a few weeks, although in the previous days, the citizen will have the possibility to prepare everything in advance. From today you can download the draft of the Personal Income Tax (IRPF) declaration , a document that includes all the fiscal data for the year 2012 that the Treasury has to its credit. This draft can be used to sign and officially present to the Treasury before the deadline for submission ends, next July 1, 2013. You can  request the document online to receive it at home on paper, although there is also the option of downloading it directly over the Internet and having it a little earlier. This avoids queues at the tax offices and the confirmation of the draft can be  expedited without leaving home. Here's how you can easily order this document online.

1) The first step is to access the electronic headquarters of the Tax Agency . And from the same initial page we find a call to the section dedicated to Income 2012 .

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2) Once inside, click on the Draft link (of the square marked in blue) for the Consultation, Modification or Confirmation . Before you can request the reference number, clicking on the button Get the draft now . Failing that, you can enter the data from box 620 from last year (from the 2011 Income Statement ) or check the Non-declaring box , if the Income return was not filed in the previous year.

3) However, you should know that to  request the reference number you will also need to know the information in box 620 of your income tax return from last year. You will then have to add a mobile phone number. In a few minutes you should receive the reference number and you can enter it in the system. It is possible that during the first hours the process will be a little slower, since there will be many users who will want to request the draft . In any case, we have tried it and the reception of the message with the code is practically immediate.

4) But, without a doubt, the most comfortable option is for all those users who already have the Certificate of the National Currency and Stamp Factory installed on their computer . With this user certificate , which is used to carry out all kinds of procedures with the Administration, you only have to access through the virtual office. And download it directly. If you do not have this certificate, it is the best option. Both to consult the draft of the 2012 Income now , and to confirm the draft or present the Income Declaration in a few weeks. And it is valid for life (you just have to renew it from time to time). Visits to the offices are saved which, of course, is already one less hassle.

The 2012 Income Draft document contains detailed information on all tax data , so that once the PADRE program is available , they can be entered into the application and the income statement directly submitted. Even, for greater comfort, the Treasury allows you to directly confirm the data in its possession with just an SMS message or a call. No need to fill out the income tax return. This can be done from next April 24 , thus avoiding queues and long waiting hours at the offices of the Tax Agency . The Income campaign ends on July 1. To present the declaration in person, you have to wait until June 6 . In this case, you must make an appointment by phone at 901 12 12 24 (24 hours) or 901 22 33 44 (Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 7 p.m.) from May 6 to June 28. If you want to request an appointment online, you just have to click on the Prior Appointment link , within the highlighted procedures.