Discover free Google courses on the Internet

Discover free Google courses on the Internet

Google, the omnipresent Internet giant, offers free courses at Google Activate , all of them related to the technological, digital and 2.0 world, through the Internet or in person. The user has, through a website created on purpose, a variety of courses designed to improve and expand basic studies. The online and face-to-face courses are all free: the user does not have to pay any amount, there is no small print in its rules.

If you are interested in taking any of their courses, first take a look at all that they offer. We offer you a small summary of what you can find in the courses they are currently offering. If you still have a student soul or want to expand your horizons, don't miss out.

Online course in digital marketing

A course to improve your professional profile. Develop knowledge about SEO , SEM, e-commerce, social media marketing, etc. An approach to companies created on the Internet, offering the student the necessary skills to start an online business. The course lasts 40 hours and is certified by IAB Spain (Interactive Adverstising Bureau).

Online e-commerce course

Get the tools you need to move your traditional business online, or build one from scratch. You will also learn to do business on the Internet , with the purchase and sale of articles. The course lasts 40 hours and is certified by the School of Industrial Organization and developed in collaboration with

Online course on Digital Transformation for employment

The student will discover what new professions are being born under the protection of new technologies, acquiring everything necessary to be able to find a job within an exciting framework such as the Internet. This online course lasts 40 hours and is certified by the School of Industrial Organization.

Cloud Computing online course

Learn all about cloud computing . The student will know, first-hand, how to offer integrated services on the Internet, which are stored in the cloud, without having physical elements. Among the advantages that Cloud Computing offers, is the low cost, the security it offers to the employer, the greater speed when working and the possibility of obtaining information on the tasks in real time. The course is, again, free and consists of 40 hours. It is certified by the School of Industrial Organization and developed in collaboration with

Online app development course

Certified by the Complutense University of Madrid, with this course you will learn to develop your own applications for mobile phones, a professional field that is increasingly demanded by companies. The course lasts 40 hours and is free.

Online web development course (I) and (II)

A course in two parts, of 40 hours each and certified by the IEI of the University of Alicante. If you want to learn to design web pages , this is your course. The first part of the course is intended to find out and understand how the web was born and its evolution until today. Also, you will learn everything about HTML5. In the second part of the course you will learn about the CSS language.

Personal Productivity online course

Certified by the Santa María la Real Foundation, this free 40-hour course will help users to be more productive and channel their energies in the active search for employment , learning concepts such as time management, building a good personal brand, etc. .

The moment you press 'Register' and allow access to your account, you will start the course. Each course contains various sections with exercises and tutorial videos. Upon completion, you will be given a certificate of achievement. So, if you have the time and desire to learn, take advantage of Google's free courses on the Internet.