LG L70


As every year, LG has renewed its L series with three new devices that cover the most basic part of its catalog at three levels: low-end, mid-range and upper-mid-range. The first thing we notice in the new LG L Series is that the company has abandoned the nickname 'Optimus' that in the past was common throughout its catalog of mobile devices, now they limit themselves to using much shorter and simpler names. This time we are going to talk about the LG L70, the middle brother of this new batch. LG proposes an interesting option to users looking for a complete smartphone with a more accessible cost , but above all that is up-to-date in terms of functions. The Korean brand has installed theLatest version of Android on all three models, regardless of how advanced the specs are.

The LG L70 has an attractive and elegant design, a fairly wide screen and a technical profile that meets the expectations of a mid-range. Below we see all the details of this new model.


Display and layout

Large screens dominate the high-end, but the trend also reaches the mid-range, although to a lesser extent. In this sense, it is common to find a 4.5-inch panel as in this case. It is a large enough surface to be able to see the contents with total clarity and perform touch gestures comfortably, but at the same time it retains the functionality that we ask of a smartphone. This size allows us to handle it with one hand, in addition to being able to carry the terminal in your pocket without being a hindrance. As for resolution, we are facing a screen that distributes 400 x 800 pixels across its surface. The figure is not too high, but it meets what is expected in a terminal of this type. Its density stays at199 ppi, so it will have acceptable sharpness.

LG has made a special effort to create a device with a very attractive, functional and elegant design. According to those responsible for its creation, they have tried to emulate the appearance of the brand's high-end products, but going beyond simple imitation, but adapting materials and textures to combine functionality and elegance. For example, the back cover has a grooved texture that improves grip and prevents the appearance of fingerprints due to use, so it always looks good and not with the dirty effect of other terminals with a smooth surface. The LG L70 measures 127 x 67 millimeters, a large size but one that is on the limits of manageability. Its thickness is 9.5 millimeters, which is not the thinnest we can find but it is not excessively thick.


Camera and multimedia

The LG L70 has a fairly complete camera system , although it will vary depending on the markets. The regions where the camera will be changed have not been specified, but while most users will be able to enjoy an 8 megapixel sensor, there will be those who have to settle for a 5 megapixel sensor. At this point we consider it necessary to emphasize that megapixels influence the final size of the image, but they do not have to affect the quality of the photograph. The type of sensor or the lens are much more important aspects in this regard. For example we could have a 5 megapixel BSI sensor and a very bright lens and we would get better photos than with a lower quality 16 megapixel sensor, only the photo would be larger. Continuing with the LG L70, the camera is accompanied by basic functions such as automatic focus and LED flash , which will be very practical when taking photos at night or in very low light. Also face detector, geo-tagging and record video . The terminal also has afront camera for video calls, although its resolution is only 0.3 megapixels (VGA) and the images will be quite small.

Regarding the multimedia section, the LG L70 supports the most common formats that we can find on the Internet. In this way we can reproduce any video, song or photograph without problems, unless it is a specific format for a specific program. However Android stands out for its excellent compatibility, so it is not common to find this type of problem. In navigation, it also supports the most common standards such as   HTML5 so that all web pages are displayed correctly.


Power and memory

The LG L70 is a mid-range and its processor is at this same level. It is a dual core that runs at 1.2 Ghz and is supported by 1 Gb of RAM. With this configuration we will be able to perform the usual tasks fluently, but it is possible that there are very complex games or applications that do not go as smooth as we expect. However, we highlight that Android 4.4 KitKat has been optimized to work correctly on smartphones with little power.

The internal memory of the device is one of its weakest points and also a widespread problem in many mid-range smartphones. LG only includes a 4Gb background , of which about half will be available. It makes up for it with a MicroSD slot to expand the total capacity, which will be necessary in this case.

Operating system and applications

As we said, one of the strengths of the LG L70 is that it has Android 4.4 KitKat as standard and has all the new features of the Google icon system, in addition to the aforementioned improvement in performance that helps everything go more fluid. With Android 4.4 KitKat you will also be able to enjoy new features such as the improved Phone application that shows the most recurring contacts, slight changes in the interface or the unification of messaging services in the same panel (SMS messages and Hangouts).

On the other hand, regardless of the version, the LG L70 has the classic Android package of functions that include applications such as Gmail, YouTube, Google Maps, Google Navigation, Google Calendar or Picasa to name a few of them. In addition, the Google Play store gives access to many more functions in its huge catalog that has already exceeded one million content, which is said soon.



The LG L70 has the necessary connections so that we can connect to the Internet, share files, charge the battery or listen to music among other things. In its connectivity profile we see that it is capable of connecting to 3G mobile networks at a maximum speed of 21 Mbps in download and up to 5.76 Mbps in upload. It also has WiFi Hotspot to share this connection with other devices and of course a wireless WiFi port with which we can enjoy a much more fluid navigation. Wireless connections are completed with the GPS antenna and Bluetooth, very useful for sharing files or linking hands-free car accessories or wireless speakers. On the other hand, the physical connections include a microUSB port , the headphone jack and also a MicroSD card slot .


We come to the last section of the analysis and also one of the most delicate in many smartphones: autonomy. The LG L70 has a 2,100-milliamp battery , but details about its life have not yet been released. However, we could be talking about an autonomy of at least a full day if we give normal use, although with intensive use the time could be reduced. It should be noted that LG has done a good job in this area with its flagship, the LG G2, so they could enhance the autonomy of its mid-range in the same way.



As we have already said at the beginning, the LG L70 is a complete mid-range that covers the needs of users who are looking for a competent terminal, but are less demanding. It has everything you need such as a wide screen, a camera to match, a good connection profile, a solvent processor, an attractive design and above all the latest version of the Android system. The worst thing is that its internal memory is only 4 Gb. In general, it is a correct device that could be a very interesting option if its price is quite tight.

Data sheet

StandardGSM 850/900/1800/1900

HSDPA 900/2100

Weight and measurements127.2 x 66.8 x 9.5 mm
Memory4 GB expandable with microSD cards

1 GB of RAM


Capacitive multi-touch screen

4.5 inch IPS LCD

800 x 400 pixel resolution

Density 199 ppi

Photographic camera8 megapixel / 5 megapixel sensor (depending on markets)


LED flash


Video recording

Front camera VGA (0.3 megapixels)

MultimediaPlayback of images, audio and video

MP4 / H.264 / H.263 / WMV / MP3 / WAV / WMA / eAAC +

Document editor

Google Search, Google Now, Google Maps (Street View and Latitude), Google Mail, Google Maps, Google Talk, YouTube, Google Calendar, Picasa.



Voice commands

Predictive text



My Style Keyboard

Controls and connections1.2 GHz dual-core processor

Android 4.4 KitKat

3G (HSDPA + 21Mbps)

WiFi 802 b / g / n

WiFi Hotspot


GPS antenna

MicroUSB 2.0

3.5mm headphone output

MicroSD card slot

Autonomy 2,100 milliamp Li-ion battery (removable)
PriceNot available
+ infoLG