The funniest memes of Easter 2019 to share on WhatsApp

easter meme cover

Holy Week has already begun and the streets are filled with brotherhoods, music, incense and human tides going from one place to another to contemplate the show. WhatsApp is also filled, in its own way, not with people but with other elements called 'memes' that will enchant fans with a greater sense of humor. Here we bring you a good example of memes related to Easter that you can share with all your friends through WhatsApp. You already know that it is very easy to share them from the mobile itself with this page open. All you have to do is press and hold the meme, save it inside your phone, and then send it through WhatsApp.

These are some of the funniest Easter memes we've come across on the web.

Easter, holiday town

You looked very happy preparing the Easter holidays. Images of lonely beaches, relaxing baths, drinks at the beach bar crowded into your head with hardly any children surrounding you. In short, a scene free from the stress of modern life that would serve to recharge your batteries before returning to work. The reality, however, does not take long to arrive and the reality is always worse than the expectations that we mount in our heads.

easter meme 01

Are you sure you have Easter holidays?

Autonomous of the world, I understand you. This week is not an exception and for those of us who, religiously, have to pay, month after month, the Social Security fee , there are no vacations that are worth. We can always think of those in the meme above, yes, they have vacations, but who likes the crowded beach? It will be to seek comfort ...

easter meme 02

What if we do a mix?

There are those with a power of concentration such that they can go on Easter holidays without neglecting their studies or their work. Let's see, it's not a vacation if you're working even in the pool , but better than nothing, right? If you have pending duties, be careful not to get them wet, to see if in the end the holidays are going to be expensive.

easter meme 03

The typical paradoxes of these holidays

Surely you have had to hear someone say, referring to these holidays, "Sure, well you take advantage of the Easter holidays and then you go around saying that you are an atheist." Is it your fault that holidays are granted to dates related to religion? If someone sends you this attached meme, you can tell them that. We all have the right to rest at Easter, even non-believers.

easter meme 04

A divine punishment

In the end God works a bit like the Magi. If the baby has been good during the year they will bring him all the toys he has asked for. And if you have been good and you have not gone out every weekend, you have not drunk too much alcohol and, let's say, you have not done too many 'lustful acts', Easter will open before you like a showcase full of good weather, sunshine and 'healthy' fun. That is why there are always Easter days when it rains, of course.

easter meme 05

Word games never get old

And if they are related to soccer players, all the better. This meme is especially suitable for two types of people: those who like bad jokes (very bad) and fans of Easter and football that, in certain provinces (such as Seville) usually go very hand in hand. So, if you are from the south of Spain, this meme may be your key to social success. Yes, we are exaggerating, but it is what we have to do when talking about Andalusia.

easter meme 06

And we continue with the word games

We found this one really brilliant… because of how bad it is. And there are times when jokes, the worse they are, the better. And if we send this meme to our friend, the one who doesn't waste time at Easter and always has a bottle of beer in hand, we have a guaranteed victory. And if someone wishes you ' Happy Easter ' return the congratulations with this meme. You will leave your mark ... although we do not know if this is good or bad. Also this meme works now and on Black Friday. A 2 × 1 in memes! Never seen before!

easter meme 07

A little irreverence doesn't hurt anyone

We enter the realm of 'you have to be careful about sending these memes'. Better send them to your thug friend or Easter lover with a LOT of humor because this may not take it as it should. Judgments aside, it is true that Jesus Christ had to be strong to bear all that cross on him for so long, right? Surely he did go to the gym and wouldn't quit. Not like others, right?

easter meme 08

A classic meme that should not be missed at Easter

And this meme is sure that you have sent it, or you have received it, but it is so funny that we can not avoid putting it back in a special like this. The Brotherhood of Santa Birra , how many nights have you accompanied us? Surely, the Brotherhood to which more homage is paid, be it Easter or not. Surely you are already an acolyte and are prepared for a long day of penance. And the bottle weighs less than the candle! They are all advantages in the Brotherhood of Santa Birra ... except the hangovers. And it is that we all know that excess faith is accountable the next day ...

easter meme 09

And we end with some good advice

Let's see if, being Sheldon Cooper the one who gives you the advice, you take it more seriously. If you drink, don't drive, it's clear and simple. Also, no matter how Catholic you are, if you die in a traffic accident, Sunday will not arrive and you will be resurrected for good. Be very careful, and if you don't care about your life, at least think about the lives of others and those who are with you in the car. Taxi, Uber, Cabify, a friend ... whatever! But please don't drive if you've had even one beer.

easter meme 10