Market Street, a new Facebook game in which to create your own store


Facebook games are one of the main attractions of this social network , which has more followers every day. And it is that it has already been shown with games like Farmville , that casual and simple games end up being more addictive than the latest bombshells for the most current consoles. So today we are going to talk about Market Street, a new game that has just arrived on Facebook, and with just one week on the net, it already has 2 million players .

It is a game with a very simple objective, to create our own store and take it to the top . But for this we will have to start from the bottom, and little by little we will get benefits and invest them in increasing our store . Thus, we will gain popularity, and we will get more people to come to buy at our establishment, and incidentally make it the most popular of all Facebook, automatically showing off our achievements on the board .

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