bq Aquaris E5

bq aquaris e5

The bq Aquaris E5 smartphone is one of the latest launches of the one hundred percent Spanish company . A device that seeks to find its place among users who love big screens with a five-inch panel. All this having a powerful terminal with a processor that runs at 2 Ghz , the possibility of displaying images in Full HD resolution and having two SIM card slots . An off-road device with a clean and attractive design.

The Spanish brand of smartphones and tablets has a new range of devices on the market. These are the bq Aquaris E, which seek to find the perfect union between size and technical specifications . That is why this range has devices ranging from four to six inches, going through intermediate stages to meet the needs of all users, accommodating different pockets . All this with remarkable power and technical characteristics at a very competitive price .

Design and display

The bq Aquaris E5 terminal shares with its brothers with a larger and smaller screen size a very attractive clean design. Despite not having any particularly characteristic details, its curved corners and flat sides stand out, giving it a robust and simple appearance . All this being able to choose between a completely black or black and white terminal , the area of ​​the screen always being dark. A durable plastic and resin- finished housing with a pleasant touch in a size of 142 x 71 x 8.65 mm and a weight of 134 grams. Enough to be transported without being considered a burden, but with a feeling of robustness.

But the interesting thing about this bq Aquaris E5 is its screen. And there are two models of the device differing by the image quality they offer. One remains at a maximum resolution panel HD , or what is the same, showing images of 1280 x 720 pixels ; while the other rides a quality display Full HD , reaching 1920 x 1080 pixels . A high quality to reproduce all the details of a photo and image and that begins to be at the limits of human perception. All this in an IPS technology panel with up to five simultaneous detection points with a178 degree viewing angle . Of course, the pixel density, like the resolution, also changes between the HD model (294 ppi) and the Full HD model (440 ppi). The panel is protected by a Dragontrail glass resistant to scratches, bumps, and even twisting in the event of an accident.

bq aquaris e5


As for photographic lenses of this bq Aquaris E5 , the company has chosen lenses Largan , getting the camera back count with 13 megapixels and the front offers up to 5 megapixels . Despite the fact that this concept is not everything in photographic lenses, it is more than remarkable specifications for a mid-range terminal - high . And with this it is possible to get high resolution images, as well as videos with Full HD quality (1080p). In the case of the rear camera, in addition, the device mounts a double LED flashto ensure sufficient brightness for photographs in low light conditions. In addition, it has autofocus technology so that the user only worries about framing and shooting.

Memory and power

The bq company has opted to create a powerful and very balanced terminal. That is why the Aquaris E5 brings with it a processor or brain of no less than eight cores in the case of the model with a Full HD screen , being able to operate at a clock speed of 2 Ghz . Specifically, it is an Octa Core Cortex A7 from MediaTek created to get the most out of multitasking, being able to move any application and content, but also limiting the use of resources when the task is lighter so as not to consume abusive battery life . In the case of models with an HD screen, the processor reduces its cores to four, with a Quad Core Cortex A7 up to 1.3 GHz MediaTek. All this supported by 2 GB of RAM memory to give agility and fluidity to its operation and avoid slowdowns and malfunctions in applications. Regarding its graphics processing unit, it has a Mali 400 chip up to 500 MHz in the HD models and a Mali 450 up to 700 MHz in the Full HD screen .

As for its storage capacity, we must talk about two models. And it is that the bq Aquaris E5 can be found with an available space of 8 GB or 16 GB . In the case of the terminal with a Full HD screen, the only option is to opt for 16 GB . Enough space for normal use, but it can be expanded with a MicroSD card of up to 32 GB more. A good option to load movies or games that take up a lot of space in the terminal.

bq aquaris e5

Operating system and applications

The bq Aquaris E5 arrives with an Android version updated to 4.4.X Kit Kat . A powerful environment that, together with its technical specifications, achieve a balanced, fast and capable terminal. It also means having the security of the latest versions of this operating system and all its capabilities. Not without forgetting the applicationsand services Google , whether their maps , messaging (Hangouts), application chamber , translator , space in the cloud (Google Drive), applications for creating documents and spreadsheets , and more itself so throughout this operating system .


As we have already mentioned, the bq Aquaris E5 is a terminal with the capacity to house dual SIM or two SIM cards of whatever companies. But they are not the only possibilities of the terminal. It also has a mini-USB slot to connect it to the computer and share files comfortably from it, in addition to facilitating other issues such as updating or even charging the battery, for which this connection also counts. As it cannot be otherwise, it has a 3.5 mm Jack port for headphones, especially useful to take advantage of its Dolby certified sound, and the commented slot for MicroSD storage cards .

Regarding its connectivity with networks, the Aquaris E5 has a WiFi antenna with support for Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n . In addition, as for the Internet, it has the possibility of connecting to 2G GSM (850/900/1800/1900) and 3G HSPA + (900/2100 ) networks, missing an LTE connection for high-speed 4G connections. one of the great drawbacks of this powerful and balanced device.

Finally, it also has GPS to be able to locate the user's position, in addition to the typical sensors such as the gyroscope , the accelerometer , an eCompass , a proximity sensor and a brightness sensor . Useful questions for the services and features offered through current applications, in addition to controlling the screen shutdown when the mobile is brought closer to the face to speak or controlling the screen brightness according to the ambient light.

bq aquaris e5

Autonomy and availability

In the field of battery, this bq Aquaris E5 terminal also comes with power and balance, marrying its previous technical aspects. And it is that it has a Li-Po battery with a total capacity of 2500 mAh . A total that can last throughout the day with normal use, even with a five-inch screen. However, no specific duration data has been provided according to the type of use. Something that could suffer in the Full HD terminal due to its eight processor cores , although Android 4.4 is prepared to make efficient and capable management.

The availability of the different bq Aquaris E5 models (the two HD 8 and 16 GB, and the terminal with a Full HD screen) has not yet been made public, but they will arrive in Spain, presumably from June through different operators mobile as well as in free format. Nor has its price been released yet, although a price range that would go from 179.90 euros to 200 euros is expected between the different models of this bq Aquaris E5 .

Data sheet

Standard2G GSM 850/900/1800/1900 Mhz

3G HSPA + 900/1200 Mhz

Weight and measurements142 x 71 x 8.65 mm

134 grams

Memory8 GB and 16 GB HD models. FHD 16 GB model

Expandable with microSD cards up to 32 GB

2 GB RAM memory


Capacitive multi-touch screen

5 inch IPS

Full HD resolution (1920 x 1080 pixels) 440 dpi

HD resolution (1290 x 720 pixels) 295 dpi

178º angle of view

CameraRear 13 megapixel sensor


Double LED Flash

1080p video recording

Front 5 megapixel sensor

MultimediaPlay music, video and photos

Supported formats: Image .bmp / ​​.gif / .jpeg / .png / .wbmp / ​​.jps / .mpo / .webp

Video: .3gp / .mp4 / .flv / .webm / .avi / .mov / .mkv

Audio: .aac / .amr / .awb / .midi / .mp2 / .mp3 / .ogg /.wav/.ape/.flac/.eac3/.ac3

FM radio tuner

Dolby sound

Noise Cancellation

Controls and connectionsAndroid 4.4 KitKat

FHD model processor: Octa Core Cortex A7 up to 2 GHz MediaTek

HD model processor: Quad Core Cortex A7 up to 1.3 GHz MediaTek


Wi-Fi 802.11 b / g / n 2.4 Ghz

Dual sim




3.5mm headphone output

Autonomy2500 milliamp battery
PriceNot available
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