Do you know more than a primary school child? Show it with this game

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"Even a small child knows that!" Perhaps you have found yourself in more than one occasion in the position of hearing or releasing this phrase . The reality is that on many occasions we underestimate the wisdom of our little ones, that in many cases they are the ones who teach us things (including values ​​that we thought were forgotten). Perhaps thinking about this phrase and many others like it, the television contest Do you know more than a primary school child? Presented by Ramón García, in this challenge the contestants had to demonstrate that they still possessed the knowledge acquired years ago.

Questions that seem obvious or easier to answer than we think can sometimes become our worst enemy. Now, all those who have a smartphone or tablet with an Android operating system will be able to show if they really know more than a primary school child . This is possible thanks to the game Do you know more than a primary school child? which in recent weeks has risen as one of the most downloaded applications on the Google Play bazaar . If you are not afraid to test your knowledge and blush from time to time, read on and you will find the direct link to be able tofree download the game.

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Time passes inexorably and it is very likely that many of those things we learned in school are stored in some remote area full of dust in our brain, or that we have simply thrown it away to make room for other matters of daily life. However, since what is well learned is never forgotten , it is possible that you only have to grease the machine a little to begin to remember all those things that we were taught in school. The Primary Education in our country, nurtures knowledge to children between five and six years to approximately 12 years old . Questions from those courses, that is, from first to sixth, are what the game will formulate us.

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The levels of Do you know more than a primary school child? They are structured by courses, that is, we will start with the first grade and if our grades are good (getting a minimum of 8) we will be able to continue passing courses. The questions are multiple choice , with four options and only one correct one. All the questions raised cover elementary subjects such as Knowledge of the environment, English, Language or Mathematics . In total, do you know more than a primary school child? It has more than  500 different questions on all the subjects of this stage of education. It is possible that unless we have to repeat the course on more than one occasion, the game will be a little short. This will be solved very soon, since the developers of this title are working on a  new version adapted to Compulsory Secondary Education (ESO) We leave you with the direct link to Google Play where you can download for free Do you know more than a child of Primary? for your smartphone or tablet.

Download for free Do you know more than a primary school child? for android