The best memes of the resignation of the already former minister Màxim Huerta

The best memes of the resignation of the already former minister Màxim Huerta

Màxim Huerta has been the shortest minister of democracy . He has lasted only seven days in office. Born in Utiel (Valencia), he was appointed Minister of Culture and Sports of Spain in the Government of Pedro Sánchez on June 6.

Just a week later, he was forced to resign after it was learned that he evaded the payment of 218,322 euros to the Treasury , using a company to pay taxes for companies instead of doing so for personal income tax. To this must be added the fact of having charged unjustified expenses, in which the sentence, which is public, suggests that it was not possible to act in good faith.

His appointment generated all kinds of controversy, but little did Pedro Sánchez - who was not aware of this circumstance at all in Huerta's past - expected that the new Minister of Culture would last so little in office . He has had time, yes, to attend some events, such as the farewell to the Spanish National Team before traveling to Russia.

We are still Wednesday

- Jaume Torres (@ JaumeTorres14) June 13, 2018

Republicans have been quick to joke. The Republicans? This image becomes revealing today, after Julen Lopetegui has been expelled from his position as coach of the Spanish National Team, 48 hours before the 2018 World Cup in Russia begins. At the other extreme, the outgoing minister and in the center, the King. Is this image a premonition?

New offer of #work in InfoJobs to fill the position of Minister of Culture and Sports that has left #MaximHuerta

We have a mo-vi-di-to day. First Lopetegui and now 👇

- InfoJobs (@InfoJobs) June 13, 2018

Faced with the new vacancy, InfoJobs has not hesitated to publish a job offer. Minister of Culture and Sports wanted. Essential requirement to be eligible for the position: be up to date with the Treasury. 

#MaximHuerta is already warming up for the band, Jorge Javier Vázquez


Some have been quick to find a replacement for him. Would Jorge Javier Vázquez have been the next? Well, the tweeters have been wrong. The next Minister of Culture and Sports will be José Guirao. 

The good thing for maximum is that 15 days have not passed and he will be able to return the shoes #MaximHuerta

- Persimón (@persimont) June 13, 2018

Twitter users do not miss a single one. The day he promised the position, the labels of the new shoes were detected on the sole. As not many days have passed, there will still be time to return them.

We present a graphic summary of # MáximHuerta's career as Minister:

- Froilán I from Spain (@FroilLannister) June 13, 2018

And here is an absolutely visual summary of what has been the fleeting passage of Màxim Huerta as Minister of Culture and Sports. And that they said he did not like sport: running has run. 


In recent weeks, his haters have tried to color Màxim Huerta because of the tweets he had made in the past. The fact is that in one of those tweets of yesteryear, Huerta predicted his own fall from the Ministry .

I don't know if from today #MaximHuerta will continue to think the same.

- Roberto García (@ rgl1970) June 13, 2018

One day he also said via Twitter that he liked Wednesdays. You will probably have to change the day of the week from now on. 

There are #MaximHuerta tweets for EVERYTHING. What a great loss.

- Ernestinhos (@Ernestinhos) June 13, 2018

Who could get to intuit that those innocent tweets would serve to describe his time through the Pedro Sánchez government ?

Political career of #MaximHuerta

- Protestona (@ protestona1) June 13, 2018

And here is another example of the speed at which Màxim Huerta has made a political career . Seen and unseen.

"How smart is Sánchez: he appoints a minister, #MaximHuerta, who defrauds the Treasury to win over the voters of the PP" //

- Subversivos_ (@subversivos_) June 13, 2018

Some have even seen in the appointment of Sánchez a vein to attract PP voters , perhaps more used to stoically supporting their leaders.

#MaximHuerta, I won't say more ..

- Alejandro Martinez (@ jairom21) June 13, 2018

And here, finally, the definitive meme. Màxim Huerta, like God, will rest on the seventh day.