The 10 most terrifying places in Spain on Google Maps

The 10 most terrifying places in Spain on Google Maps

Every day, countless phenomena occur in the world that escape the logic of science. Objects that change places, ghostly apparitions, recordings that record guttural sounds that seem to have escaped from the very jaws of hell ... Our country is not alien to all this, and we can find, dotted throughout the map, numerous places that monopolize the visits from the bravest. Places that, now, we can visit on Google Maps.

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Halloween is approaching, and as tradition dictates, terror and the paranormal will invade our homes during a magical night, in which young and old dress up and take to the streets, some to ask for candy and others to drink until dawn. An alternative plan to the usual, if you have time, is to take the car and visit some of the most terrifying places in Spain. That is why we have prepared this list of Google Maps for you. Sites where, legend has it, the afterlife makes an appearance more than is desirable. And if we recently saw a list of paranormal sites in the United States indicated on Google Maps, we have decided to do the same in our country. So that, if you feel courageous, take the road and blanket ... and cover yourself with it.


Who has not heard, ever, of the terrifying faces of Belmez? Belmez de la Moraleda is a town in the province of Jaén where, one fine day, in one of its houses, damp stains began to appear on the walls, forming sinister faces. Soon, this house in southern Spain became a Mecca for adepts of the paranormal. Experts are divided into two large groups when it comes to shedding light on such a sinister event. Some clearly bet on the unknown origin, and associate the faces to the old settlement, in that same place, of an Arab cemetery from the Middle Ages. Others, however, bet because the faces have been created with some pigment, since traces of them were found by computer graphics.

Mount of the nimas

One of the greatest stories in universal literature of all time is 'El monte de las ínimas', by Gustavo Adolfo Becquer. A place that exists in Spain and that can be located in Soria. A place where, legend has it, the souls appear, the souls of the dead, their bodies wrapped in their shrouds. Shrouded in mist, revenge-thirsty Templar warriors also make an appearance. If we stick to pure reality, the Monte de las Ánimas is one of the most shocking and beautiful places that we can visit in our country.

Thorax Hospital

In Tarrassa, a town located in Barcelona, ​​is the famous Thorax Hospital, a place where hundreds of tuberculosis patients were admitted during 1952 and 1997. An enclave very close to the La Pineda forest, magnificent green areas that could represent a huge benefit to all those patients with respiratory problems. This place, however, hid terrible secrets, since being isolated from the outside world, the information did not penetrate its walls. Many patients ended up jumping into the void from the ninth floor, tormented by terrible pain. They killed their bodies in a garden where, today, they say terrible voices are heard.

Preventory of Aigí¼es de Busot

The thermal water spa in the municipality of Busot, Alicante houses terrible secrets. A place that also housed dozens of patients, all children, with tuberculosis around 1936. Once the war was over, the disease subsided and the place was practically abandoned to its fate. The best-known legend that surrounds this spa is that of the appearance of 'the White Lady', a ghostly, luminous figure that runs through its places. In addition, the souls of children seem to have been trapped in this place forever, an enclave whose rarefied air drives away all who dare to approach.


Surely, the Spanish town best known by lovers of paranormal phenomena. Belchite is located in Zaragoza and is currently a ghost town. A people that history has unjustly punished, because terrible battles have taken place between its borders, dragging with them an innumerable number of victims. The Civil War ended up giving the final blow to this beautiful town that, today, is in ruins and in which, it seems, the echo of the bombs and the cries of its innocent victims still resounds.

We leave you with a psychophony recorded in the town of Belchite, where you can hear several explosions and a terrifying sound at minute 3:11. If you dare to visit it, even in a virtual way, a little higher you have the direct link to Google Maps.

The Mussara

Like Belchite, another uninhabited town in our country. Currently, 8 buildings in ruins can be visited in La Mussara, Vilaplana (Tarragona), all of them with a long paranormal history. Legend has it that La Mussara is, in fact, the door to another dimension. A few meters from the town, in a large hamlet, a large stone is located that, anyone who surpasses it, disappears, going to find its bones in the Villa del Seis. A place in another dimension, unknown to humans. Around this stone, numerous unexplained disappearances have been reported throughout history. For example, in 1995, a German engineer was working in the area. He disappeared for three hours, remembering nothing of what had happened to him in that time.

These and other places can be visited virtually on Google Maps through the list that we have made for you and that you can access through this link. Do you dare to cross the line of the known in these Halloween parties?